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Black Star Enterprises LLC is now part of Advanced Filtration Company

Black Star Enterprises LLC, also known as Black Star Strainers and Blackstar Filters is now part of Advanced Filtration Company located in Howell, NJ, a representative for numerous filtration equipment manufacturers and we offer a complete of filters, strainers, separators and heat exchangers for both liquid and gas applications. Please contact us to arrange for a response consisting of complete quotation with technical data that will be of value to you, your colleagues and your organization.

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Black Star Enterprises LLC, through Advanced Filtration Company offers:

  • Dryers – Our Van Air product line in most cases will satisfy compressed air and gas applications.
  • Heat exchangers – a full line of tube and shell as well as plate style exchangers can be provided to satisfy heating and cooling of liquids and gases. Replacement parts are also available for most exchangers including gasket sets for plat type assemblies.
  • Liquid Applications – AFC is capable of providing a wide variety of filter devices for any liquid application. We can review nearly all types of filters including filters that utilize cartridges, bags, belt or Stacked Disc style elements to solve your filtration issue.
  • Strainers – our complete line of ‘Y’, basket and self cleaning strainers are a reliable remedy for removing particulate from fluids. Cooling water is one of the more popular applications for the use of strainers.  We can accommodate all flow rates.

Since Black Star Filters is now part of Advanced Filtration we have access to a much wider range of filtration products

Since Black Star Filters is now part of Advanced Filtration, our scope of supply is not limited to the above types of filter assemblies or technologies. Advanced Filtration is a full service industrial filtration company. Therefore Advanced Filtration can supply equipment to produce high purity water, process filtration equipment for the filtration of high viscosity fluids in the pharmaceutical and general industrial markets.

Advanced Filtration has a strong presence in the power generation market. We offer systems for turbine lube oil, hydraulic and EHC fluid purification. Filtration systems for gaseous or liquid fuel being utilized for gas turbines is another area in which AFC can provide solutions. Another product offering for which we welcome inquiries is for gas turbine air intake filters of any style. Advanced Filtration offers fuel systems in support of backup generators relied on at hospitals, data centers and emergency services facilities.

Advanced Filtration welcomes all inquiries. So please email, phone or fax your requirements for equipment that you require to our offices! Contact Advanced Filtration.

Black Star Enterprises LLC, was located in Jackson, NJ USA 08527. Advanced Filtration Company located in Howell, NJ now handles all inquires.