Tri-Dim Syn-Pac R Filters

Tri-Cell R and Tri-Dim Syn-Pac R Filters extended surface rigid filters offer superior performance, rugged construction and a wide range of efficiencies.tri-dim-syn-pac-r-filter

  • Synthetic Media
  • No Header and Single Header
  • Quality Construction
  • All Metal Version Available
  • MERV 14, MERV 13, MERV 11 & MERV 9

Tri-Dim’s Rigid Cell family offers both fiberglass and synthetic medias. TRI-CELL R offers fiberglass media, a high loft, depth loading micro-glass media. Tri-Dim’s fiberglass media offers strong mechanical filtration properties and provides proven removal efficiencies throughout the filters life.Tri-Dim’s SYN-PAC R filters feature 100% synthetic media. SYN-PAC media offers high initial efficiency, low resistance and reduced fiber shedding.

TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R filters are offered in a no header ‘box’ style or a single header style frame – both are constructed of galvanized steel. Tri-Dim’s Single Header Style frame will fit into any OEM Side Access Housing. Tri-Dim’s No Header ‘Box’ Style is designed to fit into holding frame applications that utilize spring clips – both the TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R come with holes pre drilled for spring clip use.Tri-Dim offers both the TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R filters in both 12” and 6” nominal depths.

TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R filters are offered in a wide variety of ASHRAE efficiencies. Available efficiencies are 45-50% (MERV 11), 60-65% (MERV 12), 80-85% (MERV 13) and 90-95% (MERV 15).

The Tri-Dim Rigid Cell family utilizes a galvanized steel frame and cardboard or plastic finger media separators on our standard versions of the TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R filters. Metal finger media separators are available in the all-metal ‘RM’ versions, see below for more information.The TRI-CELL R and SYN-PAC R filters utilize an expanded metal, rust resistant wire support grid that is bonded to the media for added media support.

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