Tri-Dim Tri-Cell ASHRAE

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell ASHRAE Filters are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs – from high temperature applications (up to 900°F), to the harsh environment of machine intake applications, to the sensitive environment in healthcare facilities. 

tri-dim-tri-cell-ashrae-filtersTri-Dim Tri-Cell ASHRAE Media Pack

Tri-Cell ASHRAE Media Pack utilizes glass microfibers that  maximize service life. The TRI-CELL media is water resistant and can endure intermittent exposure to water with only a temporary rise in resistance. The TRI-CELL media pack also features rolled and tapered aluminum separators between each pleat to enhance stability and to insure maximum airflow at a minimal resistance.

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell ASHRAE frame

The standard frame is constructed of 24 gauge galvanized steel. Frame styles available are single header, double header. All frames are available in either nominal 12” and 6” depths.Construction – Tri-Dim uses an adhesive seal around the perimeter of the media pack to create a positive seal, between the media pack and the frame, that eliminates the bypass of dirty air. Some competitive filters use a piece of fiberglass as the sealing mechanism. This fiberglass media can shed filter fibers and does not assure a positive seal. All metal framed TRI-CELL ASHRAE filters have a metal cross-brace on the downstream side of the media pack. Pop-riveted hold the joints in the frame together.

Faceguards are available for more rigorous applications for added rigidity and increased protection of the media pack. The optional faceguards can be added to either the downstream, upstream or on both faces of the media pack.

  • Galvanized Frame Standard
  • Metal Media Separators
  • Glass Microfiber Media
  • Sealed Media Pack
  • MERV 14, MERV 13 & MERV 11

Tri-Dim has a TRI-CELL filter for your demanding applications.

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell ASHRAE for high ‘real world’ efficiency

Uses a glass microfiber media that allows for high ‘real world’ efficiency. Most synthetic high efficiency filters use an electrostatic enhanced media to increase the efficiency. Many tests and studies have documented that filters with an electrostatic enhancement suffer from efficiency degradation, that is the removal efficiency starts high but as the electrostatic enhancement in the media dissipates the removal efficiency drops dramatically (see chart to right). This can be a very serious issue in sensitive applications. The media utilized in the TRI-CELL ASHRAE is time tested and is the most reliable high efficiency media available. This media does not rely on any electrostatic enhancements but relies on mechanical filtration. The media is also bidirectional allowing for ‘reverse’ installation. This has no effect on the filters performance.

TRI-CELL MIF – Machinery Intake Filters  for the rotating machinery industry. The TRI-CELL MIF’s robust construction enables it to withstand the extraordinary operating parameters associated with centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and engines where severe pulsing and surging can occur, in either airflow direction. The TRI-CELL MIF is available in MERV 11 (60-65%) and MERV 14 (90-95%) efficiencies and in either single or double header configurations.

TRI-CELL HT – High Temperature Filters for applications that demand high efficiency in a high temperature environment, such as automotive finishing ovens. The TRI-CELL HT  handles the demands of these extreme environments and are available in 500°F, 750°F and 900°F models in MERV 11 (60-65%) and MERV 14 (90-95%) efficiencies and in either single or double header configurations.

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