Tri-Dim Tri-Cell HT

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell HT – High Temperature Filters designed for applications that demand high efficiency in a high temperature environment – such as automotive finishing ovens. It is engineered and manufactured to handle the demands of these extreme environments of up to 900°F.The TRI-CELL HT is available in MERV 11 (60-65%) and MERV 14 (90-95%) efficiencies and in either single header (see photo left) or double header configurations. The TRI-CELL HT is constructed with protective faceguards both upstream and downstream and a cross brace located downstream. The TRI-CELL HT is available in three different versions – 500°F, 750°F and 900°F.Tr-Dim Tri-Cell HT

  • High Temperature Applications
  • Up to 900°F
  • Single and Double Header
  • High Temperature Gasketing
  • MERV 14 and MERV 11

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell HT – High Temperature Filter  glass microfibers maximize service life.

The TRI-CELL HT media is water resistant and features aluminum separators that have been rolled and tapered and placed between each pleat to enhance stability and to insure maximum airflow at a minimal resistance. The TRI-CELL HT utilizes a high temperature rope gasket. The Tri-Cell HT frame is  22 Gauge Aluminized Steel frame.

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