Tri-Dim Tri-Cell II


  • tri-dim-tri-cell-iiGlass Microfiber Media
  • Variety of Frame Options
  • Utilizes Mini-Pleat Technology
  • Reduced Shipping & Storage
  • MERV 14, MERV 13 & MERV 10

TRI-CELL IV and the TRI-CELL II – Thin Line Series offers mini-pleat technology, high efficiency and a convenient thin design – a true innovative filtration solution.Thin Line- Available in either two or four inch thicknesses. Higher efficiency requirements due to the increased concerns over IAQ and Green Initiatives have left building operators with few options. The Tri-Cell Thin Line Series is a great solution for these retrofit applications.The Tri-Cell Thin Line Series is also an excellent choice for new construction projects with the added benefit of high filtration while utilizing very little space.

Tri-Dim Tri-Cell II   & Tri-Dim Tri-Cell IV Mini-Pleat Technology

The Tri-Cell Thin Line Series utilizes the same Mini-Pleat technology found in our Tri-Pure HEPA filters. Tri-Cell Thin Line Series media packs are pleated in a cleanroom environment offering maximum protection from contamination during the manufacturing process. Mini-Pleat technology offers the advantage and added benefit of maximum amount of media – this results in longer service life, lower resistance and lower energy related expenses.

Tri-Cell Thin Line Series is offered in a variety of efficiencies for a wide range of applications. Tri-Cell Thin Line Series is offered in 60-65% (MERV 10-11), 80-85% (MERV 13) and 90-95% (MERV 14-15) rated efficiencies. This wide range of efficiencies offers the flexibility to be effective in removing a wide range of ‘target’ particle sizes in an assortment of applications – from hospital, pharmaceutical, commercial, institutional, manufacturing and more.

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