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High-Purity Water is critical to analytical and research work. Aries FilterWorks state of the art water purification systems remove ionic and organic contaminants to trace levels. Aries FilterWorks lab water systems surpass even the strictest reagent grade deionized water specifications and applications. A variety of point-of-use systems are available from tap water feed to endotoxin free, Type I water.

ARIES Filterworks logoARIES FilterWorks Products include:

  • Point of use pure water systems

    • PHOENIX ACADEMY Ultra-High Purity Lab Water
    • ARIES FilterWorks PHOENIX BIOCHEM Ultra High-Purity Lab Water with Ultrafilter and 0.2 Micron Filtration Technology
    • PHOENIX CITATION Ultra High-Purity Lab Water with UV Oxidation Technology
    • ARIES FilterWorks PHOENIX GENOME Ultra High-Purity Lab Water with UV Oxidation, Ultrafilter, & 0.2 Micron Technology
    • Gemini Series Ultra High-Purity Lab Water with Multi-pass UV Sterilization
    • Aries System High-Purity Lab Water with Low Operating Costs
    • Hydra-DI Series Deionized Water with High Purity or High Capacity
    • Hydra Series General Deionization
    • UNIX System Modular Deionization and
    • HPL-RO Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment


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    ARIES FilterWorks MP Series cartridges provide ultra high purity water with the highest possible capacities. The MP Series cartridge filter body is polypropylene. The 222 O-ring connections ensure a leak tight seal and fit a variety of housings.  MP Series filters are compatible with Millipore® three bowl and Millipore® four bowl systems.  A variety of  replacement cartridge kits are available.

    the ARIES Filterworks   MPQ seriesMPQ series cartridge packs provide high purity water with high capacities. Designed to be compatible with Millipore® Milli-Q®Compact Standard, Millipore® Plus and Millipore®Plus UF systems, the ARIES FilterWorksMPQ series are constructed of natural polypropylene material. Using premium resins and filter media, the ARIES FilterWorks MPQ series provides consistent, ultra pure water for the most critical laboratory applications.

    ARIES FilterWorks IX Series cartridges provide ultra high purity water with highest capacities.  The white end caps and clear filter tube are constructed of durable polycarbonate. Color changing media gives a visual indication of exhaustion.

    IX Series filters are compatible with ARIES FilterWorks, EDC®, IWT® and US Filter® single and dual brackets. Cartridge equivalents are available for the Research, Universal, Metex and Absorber filters.

    ARIES FilterWorks VP Series cartridges are constructed of non-pigmented materials. Applications include deionization, submicron filtration, organics, chlorine, oxygen and amine removal.
    Standard ARIES FilterWorks VP Series cartridges filters fit all ARIES, UNIX and Vaponics systems and are compatible with Barnstead® PCS® systems. Hose nipple end caps have tapered ends for easy connections. Straight nipple tube ends can be used with any 3/8” compression or tubing fitting. Threaded 1/8” connections are also available.

    Aries VP Series cartridgesFilter length can be easily modified for custom applications and clear tubes are available for color changing medias. Combination cartridges offer multiple stages of filtration in a single filter.

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