Industrial Filtration Systems and Products

The industrial filtration systems experts at Advanced Filtration have a deep understanding of the  systems and products for industrial water filtration, air filtration, oil filtration and gas filtration. Advanced Filtration can provide you the information you need to evaluate and select industrial or power plant filters, separators and heat exchangers.

Advanced Filtration specializes in industrial filtration systems including Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Biotech industries.

Advanced Filtration offers on site filtration service and consultation in the New York and Philadelphia metro areas including all of New Jersey, eastern PA, southwestern CT and southeastern NY. In addition, we offer phone consultation regarding Power Generation Filtration, Industrial Filtration, and Pharma Manufacturing Filtration and we ship around the world.

Power generation filtration from advance filtration Don’t allow your power generation engines or even a backup generator to become susceptible to contamination from dirt particles, residue or impure air.  Let Advanced Filtration assist in prescribing new or upgrading the existing filters your equipment depends on to keep working consistently and at the same time avoiding costly downtime.

Advanced Filtration provide various filtration products to facilities that can’t afford any errors in their operations such as hospitals and transit stations.  If these sites can depend on the services of Advanced Filtration the so can you! Learn more about how Advanced Filtration can help you with your Power Generation Filtration questions or get a Power Generation Filtration quote today.
Industrial-filtration from advance filtration Industrial Filtration requires some serious machinery to operate at full performance and we recognizes that. Our specialists can even come to assess your operational affairs in NY and Philly metro areas to recommend the appropriate filtration equipment. We work with multiple companies that each offer different industrial filtration solutions and products and the expertise to know what is best for your application.

Depend on Advanced Filtration for Industrial Filtration!

Learn more about how Advanced Filtration can help you with your Industrial Filtration questions or get an Industrial Filtration quote today.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing filtration from advance filtration Advanced Filtration Company offers numerous Pharmaceutical manufacturing filtration products and expertise including Hollow Fiber Cartridges & Capsules, Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Cartridges and G-Stack Disc Filters, Pleated and Depth Filter Cartridges, Industrial and Sanitary Filter Housings.

Depend on Advanced Filtration for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing filtration!

Learn more about how Advanced Filtration can help you with your Pharmaceutical manufacturing filtration questions or get a Pharmaceutical manufacturing filtration quote today.

Filter Manufacturing Partners

Partnered with powerful turbine filter and hydraulic companies like Kaydon Filtration and IFC ISLIP, we provide filters and separation/heat transfer equipment that keep your energy sources running at full capacity at all times or can be used for various other industries from inks to fragrances. Advanced Filtration works closely with these companies to assure you get the best lubrication protection from their filtration equipment as possible.

Services Provided By Our  Filtration Experts

We offer power generation filtration systems, fuel filtration systems, refinery filtration systems, and even more. Our expertise includes the ability to customize filtration systems for your specific business operations. Any fluid or air that you want clean and/or free of water can have a filter made specifically for that jet fuel engine, natural gas plant, diesel engine, or anything. We’re also eco-friendly and can help you increase your productivity with natural gas filtration and by helping you minimize the amount of fuel you have to use- even jet fuel.

Benefits of Hiring Our Filter Expertspower-plant on the hackensack river

  • Rid of equipment disruptions/failure
  • Reduce manual labor needs
  • Decrease your spending on lubrication fluids
  • Increase your hydraulic functioning
  • Increase the performance of your steam turbine engines
  • Help your business be eco-friendly by minimizing fluid/fuel needs
  • Provide security and confidence in your smooth operations
  • Extending the lifespan of your lubricating oils
  • Extending the lifespan of your equipment

Why Do You Need Advanced Filtration?

Your filter needs to separate the water and the contaminants from the substance that your business’s equipment operates on. Advanced Filtration's filtration systems can optimize your equipment’s performance, increasing energy in your power plant or purifying your ink solution. Whatever your operations are, let us quote you on a filtration system that can boost your output by decontaminating your input. Lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids need to be pure in order for minimal friction, smooth performance, and limited error.