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Advanced Filtration Company can obtain, sell and advice on the full line of Filtration Systems equipment as it applies to a variety of filtration solutions.

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Filtration Systems equipment features:

  •  “Over-The-Top®” design housings,
  • valved parallel systems,
  • portable pump filter packages
  • a wide array of high performance filter media.

Conversion from Parallel Filtration to Series Filtration

Filtration Systems Model NS-222-V-PS allows conversion from Parallel Filtration to Series Filtration. It allows for conversation by the use of control valves on an integrated manifold. This versatile system may be used with a combination of #2 size Strainers, Mesh or Micron-Lined Baskets, high-performance liquid filter bags or high-loading cartridge filters.

By the way, series or multi-stage filtration is a mainstay of the Advanced Filtration philosophy. If you are interested in series filtration please read more about series filtration and how it improves quality and reduces costs.

Why should you work with Advanced Filtration for your Filtration Systems Equipment?

Advanced Filtration specializes in industrial filtration systems including the Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Biotech representing many companies. Our experienced filtration engineers are at the ready to assist you with the manufacturers and products that will work best for your company and application.

At Advanced Filtration we can combine solutions from a variety of companies and different technologies.

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