Graver Technologies Liquid Process Filters

We sell Graver Technologies Liquid Process Filters

Graver Technologies liquid process filters

Graver Technologies Liquid Process Filters offer high performance for a wide applications. Some of these applications include: chemical, food and beverage, healthcare as well s microelectronics . Graver liquid process filters come in assorted formats such as resin bonded, melt blown depth, micro fiberglass , polypropylene pleated filter cartridges. Finally, we sell membrane filters with PTFE and PES polyether sulfone membrane.

Graver Filters for Liquid Process Applications that we offer

Filter Housings

Single and multi-cartridge industrial and sanitary housings to fit a wide range of applications

Specialty Filters

Materials of construction provide unique performance benefits suitable to filter industrial fluids

Membrane Filters

Use pleated membrane filters for precise removal of contaminants including vent filters, bacterial filters, as well as wine filters and beer filters

Pleated Filters

The pleated configuration provides higher surface area than depth filters for greater dirt holding capacity and longer on-stream life including large diameter high flow filters

Depth Filters

Cylindrical products with tortuous path for capturing wide range of particle sizes and gelatinous contaminant

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