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Advanced Filtration Company can obtain, sell and advice on the full line of Mar Cor Corporation products.

Mar Cor Corporation designs their systems to meet your water treatment needs consistently and reliably. Working with Mar Cor Corporation, Advanced Filtration streamlines the commercial and industrial water procurement process by first understanding your specific requirements and analyzing your feed water to give you the high-purity water systems that works for you.

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Mar Cor Corporation Products include:

  • Hollow fiber cartridges and capsules for 0.05, 0.1, and 0.2 micron absolute filtration.
  • Minncare RO membranes,
  • Fogger disinfectant, and sporicide surface cleaner.
  • Hollow fiber filter media is suitable for micro-bead reclamation.

Mar Cor Service Deionization & Carbon Exchange Service

Service deionization is a portable Deionization and carbon exchange service that allows customers to produce high purity water in an economical manner. A typical Service DI system includes a carbon tank and ion exchange resin tanks which are designed and configured to meet your requirements for water quantity, quality at a reasonable, maintainable cost.

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    Mar Cor Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems (RO)

    • Mar Cor EDI System, a complete water treatment system featuring chemical-free electrodeionization that is cost-effective for all flow rates. No regeneration chemicals are needed. No hazardous waste stream is produced. Operation is simple, continuous, and facility requirements are reduced.
    • Mar Cor PURICA, a commercial/industrial water system value designed to produce up to 6 gpm  of pure water to a storage and delivery system that can pump up to 20  gpm of high quality water.

    Mar Cor Pretreatment Water Systems

    Mar Cor offers a complete line of pretreatment equipment designed to accompany our Life Science water purification systems. Their Filters and Softeners can be configured in series or parallel depending on quality or flow rate requirements.

    Why should you work with Advanced Filtration for your Mar Cor Corporation Equipment?

    Advanced Filtration specializes in industrial filtration systems including the Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Biotech representing many companies. Our experienced filtration engineers are at the ready to assist you with the manufacturers and products that will work best for your company and application.

    At Advanced Filtration we can combine solutions from a variety of companies and different technologies.