About Advanced Filtration

John Woods founded Advanced Filtration Company in 1993.

Since then, we have honed Advanced Filtration into a resourceful entity for industrial filtration clients around the world. Our customers rely on us when seeking solutions to the filtration challenges presented in their production and plant utility processes, whether they are technical or economic.

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Filtration Manufacturers Experienced in Filtration, Separation, Heat Transfer Products

Our activities have grown substantially thanks to our many years of experience in the furnishing of filtration, separation, and heat transfer products. Thus, the staff at Advanced Filtration Company offers our technical expertise which rivals none other. The industries we service include power generation, the bottled water and beverage industry, and those involved with the production of inks, coatings, food products, and more.

Advanced Filtration has expertise in multi-stage industrial filtration systems which use pre-filters to improve the performance of the usually more expensive primary filter performance. When properly done, multi-stage industrial filtration significantly reduces costs.

Additionally, our product scope is well suited for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We can also satisfy filtration, separation and heat transfer needs. It also includes producers of wet and dry chemicals, flavors and fragrances, and marine and electroplating industries.

Advanced Filtration Company puts our customers a step ahead with the ever-changing and improving filtration technology. We strive for fair prices, prompt deliveries, and your satisfaction!

Advanced Filtration is Ready to Help

Contact one of our Industrial Filters engineers to discuss your filtration, separation and heat transfer problems, or call us directly at 732-901-6676. We’re here to help you get the product you need at a great price.