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IFC Islip Flow Controls Basket and Y Strainers

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For over 30 years, IFC Islip Flow Controls has created the sturdiest and most dependable pipeline strainers, valves, and accessories that your equipment can count on. Your equipment will function as smoothly as new or pretty close to it, using these top-of-the-line filtration additions.

Materials Used In IFC Islip Flow Controls Filters

  • Cast/ductile iron
  • Bronze
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel

These materials forged into IFC Islip Flow Control’s prestigious designs can surmount pressure from 125 lb. to 1500 lb. so you don’t have to worry about operating at full capacity.

These products all serve specific filtration purposes and can help in other ways to support the filtration processes.

IFC Product List:

Fabricated Strainers
Cast Y-Strainers
Cast Simplex Strainers
Floating Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Check Valves
Flanged Fittings
Air Release
Flash Tank
Boiler Blowdown
Moisture Separator
Valve Drip Pan Elbow
Rubber Connector AUM
Rubber Connector ASM
Rubber Connector ATM
Yoke Covered Basket
Triple Duty Valve
Fabricated Suction
Iron Flanged Suction

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    IFC Islip Flow Controls Basket and Y Strainers

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