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Let Advanced Filtration provide you with top-of-the-line filters including filters from Kaydon Filters’ Spare Parts for your lubricant fluids that have developed over 70 years.

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Part Number Description
01N24 Back-Up Ring (square seal) 5″OD x 4.56″ID x .125 thick (neoprene) – part of A630033 kit
03Z13 Tube Glass (5/8″ OD X 6-1/2″ Long)
03Z13-V Tube Kit-5/8″OD x 6-1/2″L tube, brass washers (qty. = 2), Viton o-rings (qty. = 2)
03Z13-T Tube Kit-5/8″OD x 6-1/2″L tube, brass washers (qty. = 2), Teflon o-rings (qty. = 2)
03Z14 Rubber Bushing
03Z15 Tube Glass (5/8″ OD X 11″ Long)
03Z15-V Tube Kit-5/8″OD x 11″L tube, brass washers (qty. = 2), Viton o-rings (qty. = 2)
03Z16 Tube Glass (5/8″ OD X 16-1/2″ Long) – used with 832P systems
03Z32 Glass, oiler window
122-28 O-Ring (Buna-N) – 6.7″ ID x 3/8 inch cross section
122-72 Use Part Number 300197
122-217 Gasket, Viton, 16″ Diameter, C-Channel Type Molded Type
122-462 O-Ring, 82″

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    124-366Mechanical Seal for A445015 Pump (discharge pump for 858-300)


    127-347Use Part Number A452008127-348Use Part Number A000017127-371Use Part Number A445015124-952Feed Pump (Blackmer XLF1.5) NOTE: Weight = 35 pounds1241167Pump, Gear, 30 gpm at 1800 rpm, 1.5″ NPT, Buna-N mechanical seal, includes adapter, (Viking HL495M)1241-202Use Part Number A4450161241210Seal Kit (mechanical seal) for Tuthill A10 (Kaydon Part Number A445016) Vacuum Pump127-6Gauge, DP, 0-30 psid, adjustable switch setting {NOTE: 8 week lead time}128-32Heater Tube for 16 KW heater assembly (480 VAC) – Trent # 16KW-1113B11Cover Gasket for A-674 (2000 GPH), .4″ x .8″ x 78″ long (Hycar Compound HR-184-6T)16229Check Valve, Ball Cone, 2″ NPT (Apollo 61-108-01) – can be mounted horizontally or vertically16230Check Valve16582Valve,Ball,1/2″NPT,Bronze,Lever Handle,Full Port,Teflon Seats,Chrome Plated Brass Ball (Apollo 70-103-01)16583Valve,Ball,3/4″NPT,Bronze,Lever Handle,Full Port,Teflon Seats,Chrome Plated Brass Ball (Apollo 70-104-01)16621Ball Valve, 2″, Valve,Ball,2″Flg,Fire Safe,150#,Reduced Port,CS,SHARP 2″-FS54114RF16622Ball Valve, 3″, Valve,Ball,3″Flg,Fire Safe,150#,Reduced Port,CS,SHARP 3″-FS54114RF17505Coupling, Flex, L100 (3/4″ bore x 1-3/8″ bore), with keyslots17306Coupling (KT100AH pump/motor)-L110 HUB, 7/8″ bore, 3/16″x3/32″ keyway (includes one each: 3X708,3X712,3X715)17503Gauge, Pressure, 1/4″ NPT , 2-1/2″ Dial Face, Range: 0 – 600 psig, center back mount (Ametek P-500-50851 CBM)17505Gauge, Pressure, 1/8″NPT, 2″ Face, Range: 0-160 psi, panel mount, back connection (Ametek P845FF) – TurboToc Pressure Gauge17556Gauge, Pressure, 1/4″ NPT Back Connection, 2-1/2″ Dial Face, Range: 0 – 200 psig (Precision 102D-254G)17566Tube Glass , 5/8″ Outside Diameter, 12-3/4″ Length17592Valve, Sight Gauge, (Pair) , 1/2″ (Swift Glass A-160) – used with 60N31 sight level gauge assembly17638Temperature Controller – Love Number 15011 (used for older KL10H and KL30H Systems)17641Thermocouple(dual), Type J, brass compression fitting, CF-090-J-DUAL-4-156-1 (used on KT100AH) – {3-week delivery}17648Temperature Indicator Thermometer (digital) – DP116-JF1 (used on older KT100AH systems)17649Thermocouple (single), Type J, brass compression fitting, CF-090-J-4-156-1 (used on KL10H and KL30H) – {3-week delivery}17814Flow Rate Indicator Sensor (inductive 8mm proximity pickup sensor) – used with KT100AH18008Drain Cock, 1/4″ NPT, Brass, Max Operating Pressure = 150 psig18049Auto. Water Drain Control Valve (480 gm float ball-AL) CFF18T-H2 / 75413F Tester (o-ring included) – for jet fuel18054Auto. Water Drain Control Valve (510 gm float ball), CFF18T-H1 / 75413F Tester (o-ring included) – (36551 strainer – not included)18055Float Ball, 510 Gram Ball – used for turbine oil and diesel fuel applications (21073C)18057Repair Kit for 18183 automatic water drain valve (3532730D-KIT, SPPT 100AF TQ-S–B300)18085Valve, Pressure Relief, Set Point = 150 psig, carbon steel w/ stainless steel trim (Kunkle Fig. 910)18183Valve, Diaphragm, Automatic Water Drain, 3/4″ NPT, 150 psig, bronze (Cla-Val 100-AF-KR)18183-MDValve, Diaphragm, Automatic Water Drain, 3/4″ NPT, 150 psig, stainless steel (Cla-Val 100-AF-KBSS)21920Rod Protector Guards, 9″ Long (used to protect sight glass on 851E vessels)21921Rod Protector Guards, 14″ Long (used with 60N31 sight level gauge assembly)22300Washer, Seal, 3/8″, Buna-N , “Stat-O-Seal” type22306Washer, Seal, 1/2″, Buna-N, “Stat-O-Seal” type22308Washer, Seal, “Stat-O-Seal” type (used for older 980 and 981 series vessels)22309Washer, Seal, “Stat-O-Seal” type (used for older 980 and 981 series vessels)22344Washer, Seal, 3/8″, Viton, “Stat-O-Seal” type (used in 851E-3 and 5)24N79Gasket, 5-7/32″ ID, 7-5/8″ OD, 1/16″ Thick, (8) 1/2″ Diameter Holes – for older float control valves27013Use A00950427360Automatic Air Release Valve (1/2 inch NPT) – Armstrong 21-AR27369Automatic Air Eliminator Valve (Maid-O-Mist #74) – used on 512 vessels on older KL10 and KL30 systems29143Wing Nut Steel (.375″) – comes in bags of 25 pieces300000Spring, Steel (75 psi), diameter = 1.15″, total coils = 4300097Spring, Steel (59 psi)300197O-Ring, Buna-N (9.5 inch ID) – (NOTE: Viton version is part number A628009)300267O-Ring, Buna-N (.6 inch ID)300869O-Ring, Buna-N (1.6 inch ID)300892O-Ring, Viton (.722 inch ID)300958O-Ring, Buna-N (17 inch ID) used with KT100AH pre/post filters, and VKS-6 vessel (Viton version = 300974)300962O-Ring, Buna-N (24 inch ID)300966O-Ring, Buna-N (7 inch ID) – Bottom Seal for 511 or 512 vessel300967O-Ring, Buna-N (1.2 inch ID)300974O-Ring, Viton (17 inch ID) – Buna-N version = 300958300975O-Ring, Viton (21 inch ID)300976O-Ring, Viton (25 inch)34M56Spacer (Seal Plate) – connects two CI-3520 coalescer elements together (used for 851E-10 and 16)35848Differential Pressure Gauge/Switch, Range = 0-40 psid (set point = 25 psid), (used on older Turbo-TOC’s)35889Vacuum Switch – setpoint = 12″ Hg (used on older Turbo-TOC systems)35889-XPVacuum Switch (explosion Proof) setpoint = 12 inches Hg.35890Vacuum Switch37162Mechanical Seal (KL10H Pump and KL5H Pump)37163Mechanical Seal (KL30H Pump)37166Mech. Seal (FlowServe 27252691 – includes: 27252691 mech. seal, 95223335 snap ring, and manual) (for KT100AH Pump)37167Pump, Gear, 100 GPM @1800 RPM @ 100 SSU, Flowserve 7GASM1D0 (use with KT100AH)37170Pump, Gear, 10 GPM @ 100 SSU @ 1750 rpm, 90 psig relief, for 56C frame motor, .63″ diameter shaft, Viking GG475 (KL10H)37174Mechanical Seal for KL1 (older KL1 systems built before 2008)39018Snap Ring (used in Model 511 and 512)48N31Gasket (8″ OD, 5-3/16″ ID, 1/16″ thick), (8) 7/16″ holes, Buna-N, – for 18054 Float Control Valve48N31-VGasket (8″ OD, 5-3/16″ ID, 1/16″ thick), (8) 7/16″ holes, Viton, – for 18054 Float Control Valve500737Tachometer (KT100AH systems)500779Illuminated Pushbutton500780Momentary Pushbutton500782Momentary Pushbutton, A/B 800T-D1D250J50Gasket for Strainer used on KT100AH systems53M49Gasket for Model 111, 112, and 121A vessels (Buna-N)53M49-VGasket for Model 111, 112, and 121A vessels (Viton)54M99Gasket (lid gasket) for Model 511 or 512 filtration vessel (Buna-N)54M99VGasket (lid gasket) for Model 511 or 512 filtration vessel (Viton)58N55O-Ring, Buna-N (25 inch ID) – used on KL30H, KA30, and KL30S2 systems58N55VO-Ring, Viton, (25 inch ID) – used on KL30H, KA30, and KL30S2 systems58N56O-Ring, Buna-N (31 inch ID) – used on KL60 systems58N57O-Ring, Buna-N (37 inch ID) – used on KT100AH and KL100S2 systems60N31Level Gauge (1/2″ NPT, Rating=200psig): includes tube glass(03Z15), valves(17592), rod guards(21921), bushings(03Z14)63C85Strainer Basket, 30 mesh, 1.5″ NPT (used for KL10H systems) – Lead Time = 8 weeks63C88Strainer Basket, 30 mesh, 2″ NPT (used for KL30H systems) – Lead Time = 8 weeks63C92Strainer Basket, 30 mesh, 3″ Flange (used for KT100AH systems) – Lead Time = 8 weeks717816Motor, 1.5HP, 575 VAC/3PH/60HZ, 56C Frame, TEFC, 1725 RPM, CM3554-5 (older KL10H systems)717818Motor, 1.5HP, 460 VAC/3PH/60HZ, 56C Frame, TEFC, 1725 RPM, P56H3161 (older KL10H systems)719701Motor, 2.5 HP/5 HP, 460 VAC, 2-Speed (used on older KL30H systems)80158Gauge Glass Washer82057Glass Tube, 6.5″ OD x 3″ L82058Gasket, Buna-N, 6.6 inch OD94869Gasket, (used for KL30H strainer lid seal)94874Gasket, (used for KL10H strainer lid seal)98B1812″OD, 8.7″ID, 1/8″ thick (8 holes – .63″ dia.), Buna-N, 832P-2 polishing filter gasket98B47Cap End (3.625″ OD, 13/32″ ID, .134″ thick) – hold-down plate for BP523 elements in polishing filter of old 832P systems.99B3724″OD, 20″ID, 1/8″ thick (12 holes – 7/8″ dia.), Buna-N, 832P-5/6 polishing filter vessel gasketA000017Vacuum Gauge, 1/2″ NPT, 4.5″ Dial Face, Range = 0-30″ Hg (same as 127-348)A000018Vacuum and Pressure Gauge, (0-30″Hg/0-60psig, KPA, bar) 1/4″ NPT , 2-1/2″ DialA000019Vacuum Gauge, 1/4″ NPT, 2.5″ Face, Liquid Filled, Range = 0-30″ Hg, bottom mountA000021Gauge,Differential Pressure, 1/8″ NPT,2-1/2″Dial Face, range = 0-30 psid (Murphy)A000022Gauge,Pressure, 1/4″ NPT,2-1/4″ Dial Face, 0 – 160 psig, liquid filled, back mountA000023Gauge,Switch, Differential Pressure, 1/8″NPT, (12-24 VDC), 0-30 psid, 2″ dial face (Murphy)A000026Gauge, Pressure/Vacuum,A000027Gauge, PressureA009504Water Meter (3/4″ NPT x 5/8″ NPT) supplied with NPT adapters – (no longer available – use A009525)A009510Foam Sensor, capacitive proximity switch, 30 mm thread, 2-wire (20-250 AC), field adjustableA009512Obsolete (use A009524)A009515Water Meter (1-1/2 inch), brass, with registerA009524Water Meter, Epoxy Coated, Bronze, PulseA009525Water Meter, Epoxy Coated, BronzeA010020Valve, Auto. Air Release, 1/2″ NPT, 150 #, Cast Iron, Floating Lever (1-AV)A010050Valve,Solenoid,1/2″FNPT,150#,Brass,2-Way (120 VAC)A010052Float Assembly (screw, washer, float valve (.75″NPT x .75″ NPT, brass, viton cup & disc)A010053Valve, Vacuum Release, 3/8″ MNPT, Aluminum body (used with 858 systems)A010064Valve, Ball, Chrome Plated Brass Body and Ball, 1/4″ , Nylon Stem, PTFE seals, Grip HandleA010143Valve,Solenoid,3/4″FNPT,Brass,Body,24 VDC, 2-way, NEMA 4XA010146Valve,Solenoid,3/4″FNPT,Brass,Body,120 VAC, 2-way, NEMA 4XA010325Manual Ball Valve (3/4″), 150# Flange, Carbon Steel, Apollo Model #88A-204-01A029004Gasket, Flange, 16″, Flexitallic StyleA029013Gasket, Flange, 14″, Flexitallic StyleA080010Manual Ball Valve (1/4″ FNPT), Plug Valve, Rating: 600 pound, Material: 316 SS, Nupro SS-4P4T4A283000Lexan Cover 10.5″ O.D. (porthole sighglass for 858 systems)A400004Immersion Heater, 7.5KW/480V/2” NPT, 40″ immersion length (old number 128-630)A400057-THSHeater, Immersion, 10″ 150# Flanged, 75KW, 23 W/in2, 460V/3PH/60Hz, Incoloy 800 sheath, 30 elements, 51″ (37″ immersion)A400083-380-415Sump Heater, 800 watts/380V-415V/3PH, 2″ NPT, 304SS, NEMA 4, 7.5″ immersion length, 0-100F thermostat, 23W/in2A407016Thermocouple (JP31 – 03 1/2 – 15A – F3120 – 3)A407018Temperature Controller (Watlow EZ-ZONE PM PM3C1CJ-AAAAAAA) – Note: Replaces Watlow 935A-1CDO-000GA407031Temp. Sensor (IFM Effector TA3333, 0-300F, 4-20ma, 1/4″ NPT, M12 connector requires EVC005 cable (A467014)A407034Temperature Controller (Watlow EZ-ZONE PM PM6C2EA-ALAJAAA)A407041ThermocoupleA440024Motor, 5HP/1500RPM/380V/3/50/184TC/US.MOTOR DH86A440069Motor, 5/3HP/460,380V/3 PH/60,50/184TC/1.15 SF/Water-Proof EnclosureA440102Motor, 5/3HP, 460/380V/3 PH/ 60/50 HZ, 184CA445013Pump, Gear / 30 GPM, relief set at 90 psig, Buna-N Mechanical Seal (GE30 system)A445015Pump, Rotary 3-Screw, 9.1 GPM, 1-1/2″ inlet, 1″ outlet, 118 rotor, Buna-N (IMO) (used with 858-300)A445016Pump-Motor Assembly, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, 15 CFM, 1″ FNPT (in/out)A445019Pump, Positive Displacement, 20 gpm (Blackmer XLF1.25)A447008ObsoleteA447008-BDWD(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Pump-Motor Assembly, 1 GPM, relief set at 40 psig, Motor = 1/4 HP (120 VAC)A447010 RETRO KIT(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) KL1 XP Motor Replacement Kit. Includes Tubing, Fittings, XP Switch, and Manual. Motor is 1/4 HP, 120 VAC/1 PH/
    60 Hz/5 ampsA447059Pump-Motor Assembly, 10 GPM, 2 HP, 460 VACA447059SEALKITSeal Kit (mechanical seal) for A447059 PumpA447069Pump-Motor Assembly, 38 GPM (Used with KLC38 and KLC38W)A447069SEALKITMechanical Seal (Viton) for A447069 PumpA447085SEALKITMechanical Seal for A447085 PumpA450038Gauge, Differential with Switch (SPST) set at 25psid, range = 0-40 psid (0-2.8 bar), 1/4″ NPT, 4.5″ dial face (Orange Research)A450047Temp. Sensor (IFM Effector TK7330, -13 to 284F, 24vdc/30ma, 1/4″NPT, M12 connector requires EVC005 cable (A467014)A450060Switch, Level, 2″ Dia. Float, 1/4″ MNPT, .92 S.G., Stainless Steel stem, mount & float, 22 AWG x 60″ leadsA450088Gauge, Differential, with Switch, NEMA 4X, range = 0-40psid (0-2.8 bar), 2.5″ dial face, 1/2″ NPT, Viton (Midwest)A450099Flow Switch (IFM Effector SI5001, 24 VDC, requires A450099-ADT 1/2″ NPT adapter & A467014 EV005 M12 Cable)A450099-ADTFlow Switch Adapter (IFM Effector E40107 316 SS adapter) – use with A450099 Flow SwitchA450103Flow Switch (IFM Effector SI5006, 120VAC, requires A450099-ADT & A467020 E18027 1/2″ micro 5-pin AC connector 4m PUR cableA450104Flow Switch, XP, (IFM Effector SF3020, 120 VAC, Class I, Division II, Group A,B,C,D) – used with A450105 controllerA450105Flow Switch Controller (IFM Effector SN0150, 120 VAC) – Used with A450104 Explosion Proof Flow SwitchA452008Pressure Gauge, 1/2″ NPT, 4-1/2″ Dial, Range = 0-160 psig/0-11 bar (glycerine filled) – WIKA 233.34 (PN 50853783) (127-347)A452010Pressure Transducer, 0 – 200 psig, 1/4″NPT, 4-20 maA452012Vacuum Transducer, 1/4″ NPT, 4-20 ma, MiniDIN 43650 electrical interface, Range = 30″Hg (-14.7psi) – 15psi (ASCO)A452016Pressure/Vacuum Transducer Combination, 4-20 ma, 1/4″ NPT, (30 inch Hg – 30 psig)A452018Gauge, Differential, 1/4″ FNPT, 0-40 psid, Alum., 2.5″ Dial, Viton, follower needle, RED band (25-40psid), NEMA 4X (Midwest)A452032Gauge, Pressure, 1/4″NPT,4 1/2″Dial,0-400PSI, Glycerine Filled, IP 65, PSI/Bar Dual Scale, Wika Series 233.34, P/N 52660966,A452033Gauge, Differential, 1/4″FNPT,0-40 PSID,316SS body, wetted parts 316SS, 2 1/2″ Dial, Viton, Max Ind. pointer, (Mid-West)A455031Plastic Direct Wire Monolithic Pilot Light, Amber Lens, 22 MM, 120 VAC (A-B 800FD-P0D5)A467014Cable for A407031 and A450047 (Cable M12 cordset – 90 degree, 15 meters – IFM Effector EVC086)A467020Cable for A450103 flow switch (1/2″ Micro AC connector 5-pin 4m black, PUR cable E18026)A489151-2000Part number to convert old Panelview 1000 program to work with new PanelView 1000A489183PLC, MICROLOGIX 1200, AB 1762-L24BWARA489183-ACPLC, MICROLOGIX 1200, AB 1762-L24AWAR (AC Input / Relay output)A489184PLC CARD, ANALOG IN, MICRO1200, 1762-IF4A489185PLC CARD, ANALOG IN/OUT, MICRO1200 (AB 1762-IF20F2)A489186PLC CARD, Thermo, MICRO1200 (AB 1762-IT4)A489187PLC MEMORY MODULE, MICRO1200, 1762-MM1 (does not include program)A489189VFD, 5 HP, 480 VAC, FLEX 4 , AB 22A-D8P7N104A489207PANELVIEW PLUS 700, AB-2711PT7C4D1 (does not include program)A489223VFD, 10 HP, 480V, FLEX 40 , AB 22B-D017N104 (10 HP, 480 VAC , 17 amps)A595030STRAINER,3″,basket type,w/ Teflon GasketA595030-BASKETREPLACEMENT BASKET FOR A595030A595030-GASKETREPLACEMENT GASKET FOR A595030A595033STRAINER,1.5″,basket type,w/ Teflon GasketA595033-BASKETREPLACEMENT BASKET FOR A595033A595033-GASKETREPLACEMENT GASKET FOR A595033A595034STRAINER,2″,basket type,w/ Teflon GasketA595034-BASKETREPLACEMENT BASKET FOR A595034A595034-GASKETREPLACEMENT GASKET FOR A595034A595034-MD2″,BASKET TYPE,150# FLANGED (Mueller Model Number 185CS-D)A609024Wire Coil Spring (1.62″ ID x 2.6″ Tall x .14″ Diameter Wire)A618033O-Ring,6.75″ID,Buna-NA618033-VO-Ring,6.75″ID,VitonA628000O-Ring,3″ID,Neoprene-1A628006O-Ring,14.5″ID,VitonA628006-BO-Ring,14.5″ID,Buna-NA628006-TO-Ring,14.5″ID,TeflonA628009O-Ring,9.5″ID,Viton – (NOTE: Buna-N version is part number 300197)A628022O-Ring,8″ID, Buna-N (used for 858 porthole)A628022-VO-Ring,8″ID, Viton (used for 858 porthole) (NOTE: old number = 122-292)A628034O-Ring,11.5″ID,.28″CS,PTFEA629008Ring Seal (Teflon) – for KL1 SystemA629015GASKET, FOR 8″ PIPE, BUNA (NOTE: old number = 122-3)A629016GASKET, FOR 20″ PIPE, BUNA (NOTE: old number = 122-296)A629018GASKET, FOR 12″ PIPE, BUNA (NOTE: old number = 122-5) – Mini-Vac Vacuum ChamberA629020GASKET (1/4″ C-Channel type), FOR 24″ PIPE, BUNA (858-600 and 858-1200 vacuum vessel lid seal)A629020-VGASKET (1/4″ C-Channel type), FOR 24″ PIPE, VITON (858-600 and 858-1200 vacuum vessel lid seal)A629021GASKET, FOR 8″ PIPE, VITONA629022GASKET, FOR 12″ PIPE, VITONA629028GASKET, FOR 16″ PIPE, Buna-NA629036GASKET – Buna-NA853000KL1 – 7″ centerline-to-centerline sight glassA853000-7.5KL1 – 7.5″ center to center sight glassA900272Differential Pressure Gauge, 1/4″, 0-35 psid, Aluminum, 2.5″ dial face, viton (Orange Research)A900322O-Ring, 11″ID, Viton (used for 851E-3)A900322-BO-Ring, 11″ID, Buna-N (used for 851E-3)A900363O-Ring, 7.5″ID, Buna-N (KLC30H pre and post filter lid o-ring seal) – Flip-Top LidA900644″Y”-Strainer, 40 mesh, 2″ NPTA900647Gasket, 7″ OD, VitonA930008Fluid Analysis Test KitB100074Gasket, Flat, Buna-N (older 851E-3 vessels)B100076Gasket, Flat, Buna-N (older 851E-5 and 851E-10 vessels)B100105Spacer (3/4″ aluminum)B100172Gasket – Old VK-6 vessels and VKS-6 vessels built in mid-1980’sB100224End Plate (element hold-down plate for 111 or 112 filter vessel)B603402End Plate (aluminum)C210108Holddown with 25 psid by-pass valveC210109Holddown with 40 psid by-pass valveC300055-SPARE111, 112, & 121A spare lid (Painted & Pressure Tested)C300149Holddown, by-pass valve NOT installed (carbon steel)C300149-316Holddown, by-pass valve NOT installed (316 SS material)CHR-858-300 EHC-20Kit, Including Filter ElementsCHR-SFM-5-10Kit, Including Electric Spare PartsD950007-MicroKT100AH Control Panel Upgrade Kit (replaces A-B SLC 500 PLC and A-B 1336 VFD)EEPKL10EE Prom with KL10 ProgramEEPKL60EE Prom with KL60 ProgramEEPKT100EE Prom with KT100 ProgramFSK-KL10Filter Seal Kit: 300197 (qty. = 1) and 300958 (qty. = 1)FSK-KL100Filter Seal Kit: 300197 (qty. = 1), 58N57 (qty. = 1), part A629036 (qty. =1)FSK-KL100S2Filter Seal Kit: A628009 (qty. = 1), 58N57 (qty. = 1), A595030-GASKET (qty. =1)FSK-KL30Filter Seal Kit: 300197 (qty. = 1) and 58N55 (qty. = 1)FSK-KL60Filter Seal Kit: 300197 (qty. = 1) and 58N56 (qty. = 1)KMP7500-SealKit-1-VSeal for Interface between Filter Head and Spin-On Element (normal interface)KMP7500-SealKit-2-VSeal for Interface between Filter Head and Spin-On Element (conical interface)K-SQD-MLGX-PLC-KITKT100AH Control Panel Upgrade Kit (replaces Square D PLC and Square D VFD)VKS-2-KIT-1VKS-2 Kit, consists of one A910396 and one A628009