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Advanced Filtration Company sells the full line of Graver Technologies Products including:

  • Pleated and Depth Filter Cartridges including QMA Series Premium pleated polypropylene filter cartridges, QMC Series Multi layer pleated polypropylene filter cartridges with all polypropylene hardware, QXL Series Hybrid pleated/depth pleated polypropylene filter cartridges, PMA Series, PMC Series, PME™ Series, QCR Series Cyst reduction rated pleated polypropylene filter cartridges, GFC Series Micro Fiberglass pleated filter cartridges with polypropylene hardware and GFP Series with Polyester hardware that extends application range beyond the limits of polypropylene.
  • High Flow Cartridges including High Flow GF Series,  High Flow RF Series.
  • Industrial Filter Housings
  • Sanitary Filter Housings

Graver Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures products that facilitate and enhance separation, purification, and process filtration. Graver Technologies specializes in the trace contaminant removal and purification of process water, fluids, compressed air, and process gases.

Advanced Filtration Company has the connections and expertise to work with a variety of filtration companies to provide the best solutions for your needs.

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