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Here’s a few solutions to common filtration problems. At Advanced Filtration we have years of expertise and would be glad to help solve your filtration problems.

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Diesel Fuel problems with particulate and water in large storage tanks (above ground):

Fuel drawn from the lower portion of storage tanks can be laden with particulate and matter that has been settled over time. These contaminants can shorten the life of filters cartridges being relied on to protect engines and other fuel system components.


Utilization of systems design to remove water from diesel fuel. This can be accomplished with Kaydon series 851 fuel purifiers. Removal of particulate can be accomplished with high capacity cartridge filters with absolute micron ratings. Cartridges with BETA ratings of 200 and also 1000 can be applied to this solution.

Steam Turbine Lube oil purification:

Steam turbines have inherent problems with water that intrudes in to the lubricating oil. Common source of water intrusion is due to leaking seals or steam glands. Lubricating oil with high concentration of water is serious detrimental to wear surfaces bearings in the turbine.


Addition of a Kaydon Turbo Toc system that would recirculate on the lube oil reservoir. These sizing rule for the turbo toc systems is to filter the entire volume of lube oil every two hours. For example a 12000 gallon reservoir would require a turbo toc system design to handle a 100 gallons a minute. The system will reduce articulate to an ISO cleanliness level of 15/13/11 and water down to less than 100 PPM. The Turbo Toc system can contend with slugs of water up 5000 PPM. These Systems are now furnished with the Kaydon K Touch Screen which allows close monitoring of system component operation and performance. Maintenance required is minimal and is essentially a cartridge change out once per year.