CLS® Coalescer

Advanced Filtration Company sells the full line of Braden Filtration LLC filters including Braden CLS® Coalescer Pads and components Gas Turbine Air Intake System Filters.

Braden Filtration designs and manufactures replacement cartridge filters, pleated bags, and fabric for dust collection, dry process filtration, and pollution control systems.

Some of the many Braden Filtration LLC filtration products Advanced Filtration can obtain and advice you on include:

Braden CLS® Coalescer Pads and components Gas Turbine Air Intake System Filters

CLS® Coalescer / Prefiltermedia is available in synthetic or fiberglass pads cut to size to fit a 2” plastic frame. The prefilter combination is designed to remove the majority of airborne moisture and particulate mass prior to the air entering the TriCel® final filter.

The CLS®-2G contains three inches of glass/fiber media compressed into a two-part, reusable, 2” plastic frame.

The CLS®-2S has 2” synthetic dual density pads in the 2” frame. Positioned at the bottom of each frame is a  drain hole to allow drainage of collected air stream moisture.

PFS-2S Roll Media is a continuous roll of our synthetic depth loaded prefilter/coalescing media. The media can be a “drape” upstream of bird screen as a sacrificial barrier to capture large contaminants. Alternatively, it can provide a first line of defense against frozen precipitation. PFS-2S Roll Media has a tackifier layer to enhance fine particle capture and retention or supplied plain with treatment.

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