Farr “Tenkay” Flange Top Pulse Filter

Advanced Filtration Company sells the full line of Braden Filtration LLC filters including Farr “Tenkay” Flange Top Pulse Filter for Farr style Tenkay dust collectors. Heavy-duty pulse style cartridges can be made from a variety of the highest quality filtration media including 80/20 synthetic/cellulose paper, 100% Synthetic paper and 100% Polyester spun bond nonwoven.

Farr “Tenkay” Flange Top Pulse FilterAll media versions can have Premier Web nanofiber technology treated to the base media to enhance efficiency from MERV 11 up to MERV 15/F9 ratings.

Metal surfaces can be provided in G60, G90 or stainless steel, or power coated for improved corrosion resistance. improve the performance of the final filter by and draining coalesced water droplets away from the filter media surface.

Farr “Tenkay” Flange Top Pulse Filter Design Parameters

  • ASHRAE 52.2 / EN Rating @ 500 CFM MERV 10, 11, 15
  • Relative Humidity 100%
  • Media Surface Area Range 226 Ft²/ 21m² for 26” to 294 Ft²/ 27.3m² for 34”
  • Initial Pressure drop 0.050″ w.c. @ 500 CFM
  • Sizes 12.75” x 26”, 12.75” x 29”, 12.75” x 34”
  • Designed For Vertical Installation
  • Finish Options Premier Web™ Nano, HP Hydrophobic, Fire Retardant

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