LM6000 Canister Filter, PremierWeb™ Nanofiber

Advanced Filtration Company sells the full line of Braden Filtration LLC filters including LM6000 Canister Filter, PremierWeb™ Nanofiber for for use in GE LM gas turbine inlet air systems.

LM6000 Canister Filter, PremierWeb™ Nanofiber


Dimensions 18.5” x 14” x 26”

  • G60 Galvanized Expanded Steel (Optional G90, or Stainless Steel) Outer & Inner Liners
  • Seamless Polyisoprene gasket
  • Breach Test > 25.0” H20 Final Resistance Burst Strength.

Braden Part LM175014

  • PremierWeb™ – Cellulose blend wet-laid paper with Nano and Glue Bead separationFilter Media

Braden Part: LM175024

Synthetic Composite, Hydrophobic w/fine fiber and Glue Bead separators Filter Media

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