KM6018-05 A910199 Micro-Fiberglass

KM6018-05 A910199 Micro-Fiberglass Particulate Oil Filter Element designed and constructed with pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass fibers for ultra-fine particle removal and long element life. Media Laminated to and supported by epoxy coated steel screen for exceptional pleat integrity under high flow and high viscosity conditions.

KM6018-05 A910199 Micro-Fiberglass Specifications

Outside Diameter: 6.06 inch
Inside Diameter: 2.63 inch
Length: 18.00 inch
Weight: 7.00 lbs.
Mean Efficiency: 0.5
Absolute Efficiency: 2.8
Dirt Holding Capacity @ 25 PSID: 140
Water Removal: N/A
Minimum Collapse Pressure: 100
Maximum Operating Temperature: 250 F
Replacement Pressure PSID: 25
Gasket Material: Niltile
Flow Direction: Outside – In
Filter Type: Particulate
Flow Rate (per element): 22 GPM at 500 SSU (with 5 lb. Pressure Drop)
Application: Mineral base oil or fuel (diesel or jet)

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