Kaydon A910174 Separator Element

Kaydon A910174 Separator Element  constructed with 200 mesh teflon coated stainless steel for high efficiency water separation from jet fuel.


Kaydon A910174 Separator Element Specifications

Outside Diameter
4.0 inches
Inside Diameter
3.9 inches
40 inches
3 pounds
200 mesh
Water Removal
100 ppm or less (use in comination with CI-3520 coalescer)
Minimum Collapse Pressure
75 psid
Maximum Operating Temperature
250 F
Replacement Pressure PSID 15 psid
Gasket Material n/a
Flow Direction Outside-In
Filter Type separator
Flow Rate (per element) 40 gpm (maximum – jet fuel or diesel fuel)
Applications separator for jet fuel and diesel fuel water separation