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All About Butterfly Valves

Here at Advanced Filtration, we work with all kinds of industrial filtration parts and equipment in all kinds of industries. One particular type of equipment that we come across is the butterfly valve, which is a quarter-turn valve regulating fluid flow through a pipe. If you're looking into butterfly valves and need to know more, look no further. Or go directly to our product page for our Islip Flow Controls (IFC) Butterfly Valves. How Does a Butterfly Valve Work? A butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that regulates the flow of fluid through a pipe. The valve consists of a disc or a plate that is mounted on a shaft. The plate is positioned in the center of the pipe and rotates around the shaft to control the flow of fluid. When the valve is fully open, the plate is positioned parallel to the pipe, allowing the fluid to flow freely. When the valve is closed, the plate is turned perpendicular to the pipe, blocking the flow of fluid. The butterfly valve is operated by turning a lever or a handwheel, which rotates the shaft and plate. The valve can be adjusted to allow for precise control of…
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