TT9651 Series Filter Elements

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We are pleased to introduce TTI’s TT9651 PowerGuard™ Filter Series, proudly manufactured in the USA with high-quality materials sourced from the USA and Germany.


TT9651 Series PowerGuard FilterOur TT9651 Series PowerGuard™ Filters feature dual-phase microglass media, delivering exceptional filtration performance. This advanced technology offers Beta 1000 efficiencies and includes a built-in pre-filter layer to extend filter life and minimize initial pressure drops.

Dual Phase Filtration delivers superior filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity with a low pressure drop.

TT9651 Series PowerGuard Filter Performance:

  • 3000 PSID collapse pressure
  • 50 PSID change out recommended
  • 250°F (121°C) maximum operating temperature

Download the complete TT9651 Series Cartridges spec sheet.