All About Cooling Tower Filtration

A cooling tower filtration system is a filter for cleaning and removing debris to prevent clogging of a cooling tower. The mechanical components of a cooling tower need to be regularly cleaned to keep them in perfect working condition. Poorly maintained cooling towers can act as breeding grounds for illnesses. An optimally-functioning cooling tower filter minimizes the formation of corrosion and scale inside the cooling tower.

Additionally, cooling tower filtration systems sanitize and filter the water passing through your tower. This keeps the tower running effectively, improving each component’s performance and prolonging its lifespan. We’ve got three main types of cooling tower filtration units: biological, mechanical, and chemical. The best filter for your cooling tower depends on the water quality, features, and usability.

Mechanical filters have filters and screens that sieve and remove unwanted particles from water. Biological filtration units break down and remove pollutants using safe bacteria. Chemical filters use resins and activated carbon to remove pollutants. Both biological and chemical filters are ideal for removing small-sized particles, while mechanical filters remove bigger particles.

How do Cooling Tower Filters Work?

In their normal function of reducing the temperature of water-cooled systems, cooling towers can trap and introduce airborne contaminants. As these systems scrub air introduced to the tower, they might introduce sand, dust, and pollen. These contaminants can cause under-deposit corrosion, foul smells, and biological growth, which affect system efficiency and durability.

The cooling tower filters work by checking the water and air introduced into the cooling tower for contaminants. Water runs through the filters, ensuring suspended particles such as turbidity and sediments are trapped. Removing these particles early helps protect ion exchange resins and membranes from developing problems later. The biological and chemical filters offered by Advanced Filtration can remove up to 99% of the suspended particles.

Benefits Of Using Cooling Tower Filters

Getting the best-suited filters for your tower can have many short-term and long-term benefits. Whether you buy chemical, biological, or medical filters, these are rewards you will reap.

Prolong the Tower’s Lifespan

Cooling towers have an ingrained lifespan of 20 to 34 years. Some cooling towers last less than 20 years, while others exceed the 34 lifespan limit. Many things affect lifespan, including build quality and the quality of repairs and maintenance.

Your cooling tower can exceed 20 years of service if you invest in a high-quality cooling tower filter. Best-quality and well-fitting filtration systems clean the tower, ensuring debris and dirt don’t build up to clog the system and affect its optimal performance. When the cooling tower’s components are in good condition, it functions efficiently. The safe and efficient functioning of a cooling tower is necessary for prolonging the system’s useful life.

Prevent Tower Damage

Tower damages triggered by debris corrosion could be costly and hard to handle. Investing in premium-quality filters can keep your cooling tower from suffering corrosion and related damages. Filtration does justice to the cooling tower and its components by keeping them safe from foreign materials that can affect their performance.

Filtration removes all foreign objects inside the cooling tower, keeping internal mechanisms and piping from clogging and damage. Preventing clogging protects the cooling tower from damages such as premature failure, reduced cooling capacity, and overheating.

Our specialists at Advanced Filtration will visit your industrial or commercial premises to evaluate your cooling tower. They will then advise on the best filtration system for your type of cooling tower.

Reduce Costly Maintenance and Repairs

Cooling towers will need repairs and maintenance once in a while. However, the system becomes more susceptible to damage when the cooling filters are outdated or damaged. Failing to install high-end filters on your cooling tower equipment will cost you more over time. The system will underperform and take longer to achieve daily outputs.

Clogs will form, components will fail, and the equipment may succumb to premature failure. Instead of letting your cooling tower fail, requiring costly repairs and maintenance, consider replacing the filters often. Speak with industry leaders in the manufacturing and supply of top-notch filtration systems for cooling towers. Choose tower filters that match the capacity and performance standards of the existing one.

Saves You Money

The last thing you will primarily benefit from regularly securing and fitting your cooling tower with new filters is reduced operating costs. Proper filtration augments the cooling tower’s overall performance, ultimately reducing evaporation levels. Over time, the reduced evaporation and peak system performance will reduce your expenditure on energy bills.

A cooling tower requires less cooling power when performing at peak efficiency. Maintaining your facility and premises at the highest, most comfortable temperatures requires less energy. Sufficient filtration prevents clogs and other damaging effects that can shorten the system’s lifespan. That way, you won’t have to invest much in repairs and maintenance or have to replace the cooling tower often.

Get Your Cooling Tower Filters from Experts

Routinely updating your cooling tower filters can seem challenging if you don’t know where to source high-quality filtration systems. At Advanced Filtration, we are an industry leader in selling and distributing high-end filtration systems. We offer customers moral and emotional support to make more informed cooling filter buying decisions. Our physical locations are in New York and Philadelphia Metro, targeting southern New York State, New Jersey, southwestern Connecticut, and eastern Pennsylvania.

Besides offering the biggest collection of top-notch filtration systems, we deliver them to clients worldwide. Please complete this form to request a free quote or call us at 732-901-6676. One of our expert team members will visit your facility to check your cooling tower and recommend the most suitable cooling filtration systems.

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