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We here at Advanced Filtration provide industrial filter solutions for all manner of industry, from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to biotech, and everything in between. One common application we encounter is lube oil filtration, and if this is important in the day-to-day operations of your company, then read on.

Why Are Lubricant Oils So Important?

Lubricant oil filtration | Advanced Filtration

Lubricant oils are primarily used for reducing friction and minimizing wear between moving components in machinery and industrial equipment. Their key purposes include:

  • Friction Reduction: Lubricant oils create a thin film between moving parts, reducing the friction generated during their interaction. This helps in smoother operation and prevents excessive wear.
  • Wear Protection: By forming a protective layer, lubricants minimize the wear and tear on surfaces, such as gears, bearings, and other moving components. This contributes to the overall longevity of the machinery.
  • Heat Control: Lubricating oils assist in managing heat generated due to friction. By reducing friction, they help prevent overheating of components, which is crucial for the efficient and safe operation of machinery.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Lubricants act as a barrier against moisture and corrosive elements, protecting metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.
  • Sealing and Cooling: In some applications, lubricant oils are used for sealing purposes, preventing leakage of fluids, and for cooling components by carrying away heat from frictional areas.
  • Contaminant Removal: Lubricant oils can be designed with additives or filtration systems to remove contaminants, particles, and debris that might otherwise contribute to increased wear and reduced efficiency.

How Are Lubricant Oils Used In Industry?

Common applications of lubricant oils include use in engines, gearboxes, hydraulics systems, turbines, industrial machinery, and various automotive and manufacturing processes. The specific formulation of lubricating oils can vary based on the intended application and the requirements of the machinery or equipment involved.

Maintaining Oil Purity

Effective techniques for ensuring the cleanliness of oil are essential to optimize the longevity of both equipment and lubricants. Particulate contamination poses a significant threat to the durability of bearings and gears. Even if the oil starts out clean, contamination can occur during operation. Regular assessment of oil condition through testing, coupled with appropriate filtration methods, is imperative to ensure equipment operates at peak efficiency. Kaydon provides a diverse range of oil purification solutions specifically designed to eliminate contaminants from lubrication systems.

Contending with Moisture

Among the most detrimental contaminants in lubricating oil is water. Its presence can compromise the film strength of lubricating oils, leading to premature wear on bearings and gears. Water contamination can alter the properties of oil, resulting in varnish, sludge, and other damaging conditions that reduce the overall lifespan of equipment. Moreover, water can contribute to aeration issues such as foaming and air entrainment.

Some of our industrial filtration partners offer different solutions that utilize vacuum dehydration or coalescing techniques to effectively remove water from lubricating oils.

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