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Advanced Filtration is an ELITE Partner with Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Water Technologies & Solutions. That relationship affords Advanced Filtration the capability to recommend and furnish Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Capsule Filters.

All Veolia (formerly SUEZ) capsule filters are made in America and can be sterilized by autoclave or steam or sanitized with compatible chemical agents.

Advanced Filtration Company offers numerous products SUEZ Capsule Filters including:

Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex AP (all polypropylene) capsule filters (CFAP)Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex AP (All Polypropylene) capsule filters (CFAP) combine the purity and reliability of all- polypropylene construction into a reasonably priced, long lasting filter with great particle retention.

Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex AP can handle a wide range of particle sizes from 0.65 to 40 microns and are compatible with many chemicals. Therefore, Flotrex AP capsule filters are appropriate for a wide range of applications. Flotrex AP capsule filters work with both gas and liquid filtration.

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    SuezVeolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex GF (Glass MicroFiber) capsule filters (CFGF) are constructed with durable acrylic resin-bonded glass microfiber media for superior performance in applications with excessive particle burden.

    Flotrex Glass Microfiber filters provide excellent protection for final filters and perform as exceptional final filters in applications that do not require membrane filtration.
    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex GF capsule filters are excellent for batch or small volume processes.
    Flotrex GF capsule filters are available in 0.45, 1.0 ,and
    3.0 μm micron ratings and come in 3 sizes:
    Small with a filter area of 0.5 ft2 (465 cm2) and a length of 3.5 – 5.0” (9 – 13 cm).
    Medium with a filter area of 0.5 1.9 ft2 (1765 cm2) and a length of 7.6 – 9.1” (19 – 23 cm).
    Large with a filter area of 0.53.7 ft2 (3437 cm2 ) and a length of 11.5 – 13.0” (29 – 33 cm).
    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Flotrex GF capsule filters  are great for pre-filtration for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including serums, tissue culture media, and protein solutions as well as cosmetics, beverages and many paints and coatings.

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex FE (polytetrafluoroethylene) capsule filters (CMFE) consistently achieve absolute filtration with low extractables.

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex FE  are made with a 100% PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane. They are designed for reliable general chemical and air filtration including aggressive chemicals, air and process gas filtration and vent uses. Memtrex FE (polytetrafluoroethylene) capsule filters have highly hydrophobic membranes with low extractables.
    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex FE capsule filters are designed and manufactured for chemical and vent filtration applications including:Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex* FE capsules with PTFE membrane

    • Acids, base, and oxidant filtration
    • Bulk chemical filtration
    • Sterile venting
    • Electronics grade chemical filtration
    • Process air and gas filtration

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex MP (polyethersulfone) capsule filters (CMMP) offer unique polyethersulfone (PES) membranes that exhibit both high throughputs and precise retention characteristics for superior performance.

    CMMP filters are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and pH extremes. These DI filters are water rinsed and are the filtration solution to a wide variety of applications in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.
    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex MP  are hydrophilic with high throughput and precise retention characteristics, giving them broad chemical compatibility  making them ideal for filtration of acids, bases, and solvents.

    Each Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex MP integrity tested and rinsed with DI water for improved cleanliness and rinse-up times. Their low protein binding membrane suitable for biopharmaceutical processes.

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex NY (nylon) capsule filters (CMNY) have a unique polyester and polypropylene construction for enhanced reliability and usefulness.

    Polyester housings and support layers ensure and maintain capsule integrity, while a nylon 66 pre-filter membrane layer over a final membrane layer significantly enhances filter life. CMNY filters are suitable for a wide range of applications,including chemical, beverage, and water processing. Suez Memtrex NY use thermal welding.
    Avoid  using acidic solutions with Memtrex NY filters. The have absolute micron ratings of 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, and 0.65 μm.

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Memtrex PM capsule filters (CMPM) have a broad chemical compatibility.

    Memtrex PM capsule filters  are constructed with high-purity polypropylene membranes, components, and supports. This makes them ideal for the filtration of aggressive gases, liquids, and solutions from a wide variety of chemical and engineering processes, such as filtration of etchants, photoresists, and
    developers, solvents, acids, bases and fine chemicals. Memtrex PM capsule filters are ideal for vent filtration with low extractables, high throughput, long service life  and 100% polypropylene construction.
    Memtrex PM Capsule Filters are available in absolute micron ratings of 0.1 and 0.2 μm.

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