Veolia Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration

Veolia companies logoVeolia  Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Equipment for Water and Process Treatment

Advanced Filtration is an ELITE Partner with Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Water Technologies & Solutions.  That relationship affords Advanced Filtration the capability to recommend and furnish replacement Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Equipment for Water and Process Treatment.

Systems designed for reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) are based on the use of membrane elements. The systems generate a strong pressure gradient to drive water through the semipermeable membrane. The membrane is constructed so that salts and other larger molecules are left behind in a concentrated brine stream while a purified permeate stream is produced.

Veolia (formerly SUEZ) Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Equipment for Water and Process Treatment that Advanced Filtration can recommend, assist in configuring and supply includes:

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    PROflex Brackish Water RO and NF

    The Veolia (formerly SUEZ) PROflex Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (NF) system is designed and construction to meet the various needs of industrial, beverage, and municipal applications. The PROflex is a flexible and price competitive RO/NF system. PROflex Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (NF) system is configurable to fit your application. Advanced Filtration offers the expertise and experience to assist in configuration.
    The PROflex also minimizes the overall footprint for optimum space utilization and places key components to the front of the skid to make them easily accessible.

    PROflex LT Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Systems

    The PROflex LT has the optimized simplicity and economics expected of E-Series systems but incorporate the powerful combination of further cost savings and configurability in the existing PROflex systems.

    PROflex LT is designed for light industrial and commercial applications including car washes, commercial/industrial boiler feed water  and humidification systems.

    PROflex LT offers the flexibility to choose an aggressive or conservative flux and design to meet the requirements of your situation. Advanced Filtration offers the expertise and experience to assist in configuration.

    BEVPAK Integrated Ultrafiltration (UF) & Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    The BEVPAK Series industrial UF+RO (Ultrafiltration (UF) & Reverse Osmosis (RO)) system is designed for production of ingredient water for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices, bottled water and non-carbonated beverages.

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) has gained the confidence of leading beverage suppliers with the largest installed base of ingredient water treatment systems. With strong technical support before, during, and after the sale, Advanced Filtration offers the expertise and experience you can trust.

    E-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) E-Series reverse osmosis (RO) offers complete, standardized solutions for water filtration. This standardization saves money upfront and increases reliability.
    E-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems can handle flows from as little as 375 gpd to 288,000 gpd. E-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are ideal for car washes, product dilution or mixing, spot-free product rinses, restaurant and grocery, boiler feedwater, safe drinking water, process ingredient water.


    RO-EDI Water Treatment System

    The Veolia (formerly SUEZ) PRO E-Cell Series is designed for ultrapure  water used in combined cycle gas turbine power systems and steam turbines. Other applications for the  PRO E-Cell Series are for boiler feedwater and for the replacement of aging ion exchange systems.

    Combining a PRO Series reverse osmosis (RO) system and an E-Cell electrodeionization (EDI) system, the PRO E-Cell Series is built on a single skid with one controller. By combining these 2 systems,  installation and ease the of operation is simpler and the takes up significantly less space than two seperate systems.

    Tonkaflo* Centrifugal Pumps from Veolia (formerly SUEZ)

    Tonkaflo Centrifugal Pumps

    Veolia’s ruggedly built, high-pressure, multi-stage, centrifugal Tonkaflo pumps meet requirements for high-temperature performance, chemical compatibility or quiet operation. Tonkaflo pumps set the industry standard for reliability and life cycle costs.

    Tonkaflo Membrane Housings

    Veolia (formerly SUEZ) manufacturers its membrane housings from rigid and durable durable stainless steel so its  components that don’t stretch under pressure. Tonkaflo membrane housings can withstand high temperatures without expanding and ensure a membrane seal with no buckling, twisting, or leaking.
    Tonkaflo housings are quality certified by simulation of their performance in a membrane system. Suez manufacturers the Tonkaflo housings  on CNC equipment to ensure the strongest side ports in the industry.

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