Kaydon 902A Pressure Oiler

The Kaydon 902A Pressure Oiler is a combination of a metering valve and flow indicator. It is used for the distribution and supply of oil under pressure to lube points of use, such as bearings and gears. It is particularly useful where several lubrication points are served from the same piping manifold. The 902A oilers can be clustered in easily accessible locations. Oil can then be piped up to remote or less accessible lube points.

Kaydon 902A Pressure Oiler BENEFITS

Simple: Simplicity of design is one of the leading benefits. This easy to comprehend oiler provides simplistic oil flow indication. Its long term popularity is attributed to its simple design and operation.

Heavy Duty Construction: The durable body provides a rugged and robust device that withstands industrial environments. Even in the roughest operation, it remains reliable.

Easy Oil Flow Adjustment: Provides easy adjustment during lube system start-up and normal operation.

Kaydon 902A Pressure Oiler APPLICATIONS

  • Paper Machine Lube Systems
  • Gearbox Lube Systems
  • Roller Mill Lube Systems
  • Fan and Compressor Lube Systems

902A Pressure Oiler Available in 6 sizes by maximum Flow Range in pints/minute. 8 pints=1 gallon.

  • 1: Flow Range = .25 – 1 pints/minute
  • 2: Flow Range = .5 – 2 pints/minute
  • 4: Flow Range = 1-4 pints/minute
  • 8:  Flow Range = 2-8 pints/minute
  • 16: Flow Range = 4-16 pints/minute
  • 32: Flow Range = 8-32 pints/minute


Kaydon 902A Pressure Oiler Specifications

4.25″L x  2″W x 5.75″H
Inlet Connections
3/4″ NPT
Outlet Connections
1/2″ NPT
Material of Construction (Body)
Cast Iron
Material of Construction (Seals)
Oil flow indicator for paper machine lube systems, rolling mill lube systems, and gearbox lube systems
Accuracy = +/- 10% with temperature changes of +/- 30F from normal oil temperature