Kaydon High Performance Coalescer Elements

Kaydon coalescing and separator technology contributes to overall engine reliability and availability. Reliability equates to maximum operational time, which is a function of reducing downtime, extending time between maintenance, shortening planned maintenance activities, and reducing unplanned shutdowns. Clean fuel is a vital component in providing and maintaining diesel engine reliability. The implementation of Kaydon coalescing technology delivers the fuel quality necessary to help meet challenging diesel engine reliability and availability expectations.  Kaydon offers two series of coalescer elements, the CI-35XXP High Performance series and the CI-35XX series.

BENEFITS of High Performance Coalescer Elements

  • Water Removal: The CI coalescer elements provide water removal efficiency that exceeds ASTM D975 Diesel Fuel Specification, and this equates to maximizing uptime for your diesel powered equipment.
  • Particle Removal: The CI-35XXP coalescer elements offer an added benefit of particulate removal in addition to water removal.




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ELEMENTS AVAILABLE (with corresponding Separator Element)

Coalescer Element Dimensions (inches) Use with following Separator Element Maximum Flow Rate per Coalescer Element Micron Rating Filtration Efficiency Water Removal Efficiency O-Ring Seal
CI-3510P 3.5 x 10 A920016 10 gpm 2 / 5.1 99.0% / 99.9% 98% Viton®
CI-3520P 3.5 x 20 36W91 20 gpm 2 / 5.1 99.0% / 99.9% 98% Viton®
CI-3540P 3.5 x 40 C220092 40 gpm 2 / 5.1 99.0% / 99.9% 98% Viton®