Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmentalism in Industrial Filtration

It’s no secret that sustainability and fighting climate change have become the major focus and mission of many individuals and businesses these days. As local governments around the world begin to steadily increase their environmental-protection mandates, and consumers of all stripes continue to demand more sustainable solutions, many businesses in a variety of industries are focusing on implementing sustainability efforts into their product innovation practices. Similarly, investors around the world are becoming more interested in sustainability-focused businesses (for example, the enormous global financial and wealth management firm UBS has an entire field dedicated to this practice, as evidenced by their investor goals).

The chemical and industrial filtration industry is just as influenced by this trend, and we here Advanced Filtration take it very seriously.

Things are changing for the better, though, especially when it comes to the connection between product innovation and social responsibility in the chemical and industrial filtration industry. From implementing biodegradable products to taking advantage of the waste produced, our industry has found that creating much more efficient and beneficial products is a necessity in today’s age in the wake of the climate crisis.

How Product Innovation can Positively Affect Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmentalism

These days, filtration manufacturers are making it a point to focus on using sparse chemicals and boosting the biodegradability of their products.

In this particular industry, many companies will use a wide range of extremely harsh chemicals for the purpose of reducing biofoul and the growth of bacteria. Just as well, reverse osmosis systems can create biofilm buildup that can be difficult to remove, so very caustic chemicals are used to disintegrate the material.

Unfortunately, the chemicals traditionally used in such systems can sometimes have adverse effects on the environment, including lowering water quality. This is why finding solutions is the right direction for businesses in this industry to take in terms of product innovation.

Sustainability Goals For Filtration Product Innovation

When considering different ways to significantly improve industrial filtration products, there are a few big needs that companies are looking towards in 2021:

  • A focus on the product as well as packaging. Recycled or biodegradable materials can be used in the construction of filters as well as the packaging used for such filters, which can support a much more circular economy and reduce how much non-biodegradable material is thrown into landfills as waste.
  • Improved filtration efficiency. If a product can capture more toxic particles with a smaller volume of filters, each filter used will have a longer shelf life and thus reduce waste when the time comes for replacement. Just as well, operational costs could significantly decrease, which is a great thing for our customers.
  • Reduced industrial waste. Innovation is key here. Many companies in this industry are working on new types of filters that can be destroyed and composted, rather than pile up in landfills. Just as well, such materials can be shredded up with more ease. Biodegradable materials are going to become a lot more common in the coming years when it comes to creating such filters, which will support more eco-friendly practices on an industry-wide scale.

Invest in a Cleaner World

Our industry is investing time and resources into finding more sustainable solutions for industrial and chemical filtration, which is the right direction for the world. We at Advanced Filtration understand how water, air, oil, and gas filtration systems operate and where industry-wide pain points are in terms of sustainability, and we are happy to offer consultation services to companies all over the world. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how our sustainable products and services could reduce your filtration company’s instances of contamination.


What do you think about the connection between product innovation, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability? We want to hear what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to follow Advanced Filtration for more in-depth articles on the connection between product innovation and sustainability, as well as more information about our variety of chemical and industrial filters for a better, cleaner world.


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