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Industrial Vacuum Systems and Pumps

In this article, the industrial filtration experts at Advanced Filtration in New Jersey are going to take a look at a common, though not always understood, mechanism that occurs frequently in manufacturing: vacuum systems and vacuum pumps. In common use, people think of vacuums for cleaning their carpets or vacuum sealing food, but in fact vacuum pumps have a huge application in industry all over the world. What Industries Use Vacuum Pumps? Tons of different industries use vacuum pump systems and filters, from packaging and medical to chemicals and plastics. Food & bev uses vacuum systems, as do the mining and pharma industries. Electrical power is also a huge consumer of these materials, and we carry a lot of products to meet this need. For example, one of our largest partners, Kaydon Filtration, is our banner line to the power generation industry and includes hydraulic, turbine oil, and coolant filtration; clean fuel filters and filterdyne equipment; and of course, vacuum systems. There are different types of vacuum pump systems, from gas transfer pumps (the two kinds being kinetic and positive displacement pumps) to entrapment pumps. Generally speaking, most vacuum pumps work using the same technique, or operating principle; that is, to…
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What You Need to Know About Duplex Strainers

We at Advanced Filtration have been working with industrial filters for decades, and it comes pretty naturally to us by now. But we appreciate that for people who are new to the business, filtration can be a complicated topic, and it can be frustrating to find simple answers to your questions about duplex strainers. To help simplify matters for both our customers and for people in the field who are looking for more information, we've written this quick guide to what you need to know about duplex strainers, starting with the most basic question: what is a duplex strainer? Duplex strainers are filters – A filter is any device which removes impurities from a substance that passes through it. One type of filter is a “strainer,” which physically blocks unwanted substances from moving through a pipeline system, and one type of strainer is a “duplex strainer.” Duplex strainers can be used to remove contaminants or to control the size of particles. Duplex strainer operation is straightforward - Although there are many types of duplex strainer, the general principle is straightforward. There are two baskets, and each performs the function of an ordinary simplex strainer: removing impurities, particles, or debris from the…
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The Many Types of Industrial Filtration Used Commercially These Days

Although the filter experts at Advanced Filtration have made our entire business about them, we must admit that the term “industrial filters” are not the most exciting topic for most people. In fact, because filters operate within a machine, rather than on the exterior of it, most people don’t even notice them at all. But as any engineer or quality assurance professional will attest, they are crucial to the operational activities of most industry processes being done these days. Industrial filters are an important part of manufacturing, and are used in several different industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, food and beverage, cosmetics, and chemicals. Without effective, high quality filters, the final products would be inferior, in some instances, can put the safety of end users and consumers at risk, as well as the employees working in the facility. In most cases, the filtration process removes suspended waste particles from raw materials (usually liquids) used for production, or removes particles from air. This process takes place with the help of a filter—and there are hundreds of types of filters—which removes unwanted, impure solid particles from the given material, all of which might impact the product negatively. Following are a few different types…
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Application of Kaydon Filtration on any Turbine

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine; using the same turbine oil filtration system is one of those routines that one can get so accustomed to. However, in the oil filtration industry, it’s vital to teach a dog new tricks because keeping up with modern innovations is key to being as successfully operational as possible. Read how Advanced Filtration helped a large combined cycle plant in Georgia that didn’t follow the traditional thinking and demonstrated how modern innovation can improve the quality of performance.
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LFGE 101: Using Harmful Landfill Gas to Make Energy

Recycling the methane produced by organic landfill produce can help preserve resources An understated way to generate power has been cycling the sphere of power generator companies, power plants, and environmentalists all of the United States, especially due to the overwhelming amount of landfill municipal waste there is in this country.
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