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On Diesel Fuel Filtration

If you've perused our site for just a few minutes, then you'll already know that we here at Advanced Filtration deal with thousands of different types of products, filters, power generators, separators, water systems, filter vessels, media, bags, housings, and so much more. We work with many different industries, from chemical to power to metals and minig, and all kinds of products, from reverse osmosis membranes to compressed air and gas filters to cast iron threaded Y strainers. But in this article, we're going to look at one specific type of product--that is, diesel. Diesel is more than fuel, as it performs several support functions to keep an engine efficient. For instance, not only is diesel fuel an engine’s primary energy source, it also lubricates moving parts to reduce unwanted wear. In addition, diesel is crucial for cooling mechanisms in a diesel engine, by absorbing unwanted heat generated by the engine. Exposing diesel fuel to the right amount of air provides the correct amount of power, which is why filtration and proper maintenance is so crucial to keeping diesel engines working properly. One reason for this is that diesel fuel collects contaminants during the process that affects the engine’s performance.…
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