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kaydon-fe-series exposure water vaporization inner vacuum chamber disperser element

Industrial Vacuum Systems and Pumps

In this article, the industrial filtration experts at Advanced Filtration in New Jersey are going to take a look at a common, though not always understood, mechanism that occurs frequently in manufacturing: vacuum systems and vacuum pumps. In common use, people think of vacuums for cleaning their carpets or vacuum sealing food, but in fact, vacuum pumps have a huge application in industry all over the world. What Industries Use Vacuum Pumps? Tons of different industries use vacuum pump systems and filters, from packaging and medical to chemicals and plastics. Food & bev uses vacuum systems, as do the mining and pharma industries. Electrical power is also a huge consumer of these materials, and we carry a lot of products to meet this need. For example, one of our largest partners, Kaydon Filtration, is our banner line to the power generation industry and includes hydraulic, turbine oil, and coolant filtration; clean fuel filters and filterdyne equipment; and of course, vacuum systems. There are different types of vacuum pump systems, from gas transfer pumps (the two kinds being kinetic and positive displacement pumps) to entrapment pumps. Generally speaking, most vacuum pumps work using the same technique, or operating principle; that is, to…
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