Understanding the Transition To Renewable Energy

Here at Advanced Filtration, we’re working with some of the most forward-thinking manufacturers and energy companies in the United States, and across the world. And as we see what our partners are doing, we continue to notice an increasing trend toward renewable energy as our global community seeks better ways to be environmentally friendly.

This move crucial to the survival of our species on this planet, and in this article we want to dig deeper into understanding why the transition to renewable energy so important.

Carbon-Based Fuels are in Limited Supply

According to the Millennium Alliance for Humanity & the Biosphere at Stanford University, energy consumption worldwide grew by 2.3% in 2018, nearly twice the average rate of growth since 2010 (see full article here). Indeed, some experts estimate that we will run out of fossil fuels within a century, and this adds pressure to our world leaders to come up with a sustainable solution. As demand for more energy goes up, there’s more pressure for sustainable solutions.

Renewable Energy is Clean Energy

Renewable energy isn’t just sustainable – it’s also better for our planet. Carbon emissions contribute to more carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, harming our ozone layer. By transitioning to clean energy sources, we offer the opportunity for the ozone layer to heal. 

Understanding the Demand for Energy

More people and more technology mean a higher demand for energy. In 1970 there were approximately 3.68 billion people on earth. In fifty short years, our population more than doubled to 7.75 billion people.

The first personal computer was invented in the 1970s, and today 89% of the population has a computer in their home. This leap in technology added to the demand for energy in homes.

By 2050, global demand for electricity will be around 38,700 terawatt-hours – up 57% from our current usage. Experts anticipate that half of our electricity use will come from renewable energy sources.

Decentralizing the Energy Grid

And clean energy isn’t just about the type of energy; it’s also about how we distribute, store, and consume energy. An ‘everything’ grid approach is cost-efficient and also elevates environmental benefits.

When electricity was first introduced, there was a one-way flow of energy from the source to consumers. Today, energy flows through a network that requires more flexibility than before.

An ‘everything’ energy grid means that demand can shift to meet needs that are higher in some places and lower in others. This approach helps to offer balance to the grid, utility companies, and consumers.

Self-Sufficiency for Energy Needs

More home and business owners are investing in personal energy sources like solar panels. These energy solutions offer consumers the chance to generate, store, and even share energy that doesn’t come from the grid. This trend makes a flexible energy grid increasingly important because home and business owners want to sell energy overages back to the grid.

Shifting Energy Perspective

A brand new electrical power value chain means that infrastructures need updates to meet the demands of an everything grid. While this cost can seem like a pain point, it’s a long-term investment in the future of renewable energy and sustainability. Benefits of updated infrastructure include:

  • Improving performance
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Expanding functionality
  • Adding new streams of revenue
  • Investing in scalability

Next Steps

There’s no question that renewable energy is the way of the future. But how will we get there? It’s up to all of us to take steps – even baby steps – toward sustainability for our global community. Learning more about the ‘everything’ energy grid and how an innovative network changes how we power the future, and Advanced Filtration is here to help along the way.

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