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meadowlands-power plant new jerseyPower generation engines and backup generators are susceptible to contamination from residue, polluted air, and dirt particles. To keep your equipment working, Advanced Filtration is here to assist in prescribing new Power Plant Filters. In addition, Advanced Filtration can even upgrade your already existing plant!

Power Plant Filters products are also available to you from Advanced Filtration for businesses who cannot afford to have any errors or downtime such as transit stations or hospitals. In addition, Advanced Filtration also provides filter cartridges which are designed for the purification of hydraulic and lubricating EHC fluids and oils. Thus, if these businesses can depend on the services of Advanced Filtration then so can you!

Power Plant Filter Products and Services

Numerous products and services are also offered by Advanced Filtration for applications related to separation systems and filtration for the power plant industry and all power plant filters including:

AMIAD WATER SYSTEMS: Includes automatic back-washable media filters, spin klin systems, and cyclonic separators suitable for high capacity cooling water flow rates.

APEL INTERNATIONAL: Includes gas turbine air intake filters equivalent to AAF, ALTAIR, TVS, and Donaldson.

FILTRATION SYSTEMS: Includes “Over The Top,” bags, cartridge filter vessels, and systems.

FIL-TREK: Includes single/multi cartridges and bag housings – s/s, c/s, and ASME code.

FLOW-EZY: Includes reservoir breathers, sump, and tank-mounted strainers.

GEMINI TECHNICAL: Includes PVC, CPVC, polypropylene cartridges, bag filter vessels, and strainers.

GRAVER TECHNOLOGIES: Includes pleated filter cartridges, depth filter cartridges, G-stack disc cartridges, high flow cartridges, industrial filter housings, and sanitary filter housings.

IFC INCORPORATED: Includes y-strainers, basket types, simplex/duplex assemblies, self cleaning strainers, cast iron, s/s, bronze, check, butterfly, foot valves, and flexible connectors.

KAYDON FILTRATION: Partnered with Advanced Filtration, which is our banner line to the power generation industry. Thus, it includes hydraulic filtration, coolant filtration, vacuum systems, filterdyne equipment, clean fuel filters, and turbine oil filtration.

PENTAIR FILTRATION: Includes sediment removal, carbon cartridges, and plastic housings.

SHAWNDRA PRODUCTS: Includes air intake, in-line air, gas filters, replacement filters, and equipment suitable for natural gas filtration.

SHELCO FILTERS: Includes in-line filter housings and multi cartridge vessels.

STRAINRITE: Includes bag filter housings, filter bags, and hazardous waste disposal containers.

SUEZ WATER TECHNOLOGIES: Advanced Filtration is an elite partner which affords Advanced Filtration the capability to recommend and furnish replacement RO membranes to DOW, FILMTEC, hydranautics, toray, and KMS membranes in addition to many other brands encountered in power stations.

Heat Exchangers, Piping, Separators, and Fuel

AQUAFINE CORPORATION: Includes ultraviolet water sterilization and TOC reduction equipment.

JD COUSINS: Includes heat exchangers, after-coolers, refurbishing, replacement parts, and gasket sets for plate type assemblies.

TURBO-TOC SYSTEMS: By world renowned Kaydon is ideal for maintaining the cleanliness of steam turbine lubricating oils. Therefore, dehydration of steam turbine lube oil and hydraulic fluids is within the field of vacuum dehydration which is in our product offering. As a result, Advanced Filtration of all types of fuels including diesel, jet, and biodiesel are within the capability of Advanced Filtration.

Advanced Filtration Can Also Recommend

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Feed Water Heaters
  • Separators (Liquids and Gasses)


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