Kaydon CI-3540-02-4 Coalescing Element for water removal from jet fuel

CI-3540-02-4 Coalescing Jet Fuel Element designed and constructed with dual-layered fiberglass fibers for high efficiency water removal from jet fuel.


CI-3540-02-4 Coalescing Element Specifications

for water removal from jet fuel.

Outside Diameter
3.5 inches
Inside Diameter
1.2 inches
40 inches
2 pounds
99.9% at 5 micron
Water Removal
100 ppm or less (use in combination with A910174 separator)
Minimum Collapse Pressure
75 psid
Maximum Operating Temperature
250 F
Replacement Pressure PSID 15 psid
Gasket Material Buna-N O-Ring
Flow Direction Inside-Out
Filter Type coalescer
Flow Rate (per element) 40 gpm (maximum – jet fuel)
Applications coalescer for jet fuel filtration and water separation