Kaydon KF6018 Kayflo Filter Element

Kayflo Filter Element, designed and constructed with specially formulated, resin impregnated medias utilizing synthetic fibers for maximum filtration and extended element life.

Available in mean efficiency of 0.5, 5, 10, 25 and microns.

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Kaydon KF6018 Specifications
Outside Diameter 6.06″
Inside Diameter 2.63″
Length 18.0″

Weight 4.9 lbs.
Dirt Holding Capacity 140 (Apparent Dirt Capacity Grams AC Fine Test Dust @ 25 PSID)
Minimum Collapse Pressure 75 PSID
Maximum Operating Temperature 250 Degrees Fahrenheit
Replacement Pressure PSID 25 PSID
Gasket Material Nitrile
Flow Direction Outside-In
Filter Type Particulate
Flow Rate (per element) 30 GPM at 100 SSU (with 5 lb. Pressure Drop)
Applications• Mineral base oil or fuel (diesel or jet)