Kaydon KQD Elements

The Model KQD6018-5 & KQD6036-5 KAYDRI® water removal filter elements are designed to remove water, by absorption, from lube oil, hydraulic oil, and diesel fuel. KQD filter elements are designed to be used in industrial oil and fuel applications. The KQD elements offer a capable solution for removing trace amounts of water from industrial oils and diesel fuel, when a coalescing system, vacuum dehydration systems, or centrifugation equipment is not practical.
BENEFITS of KQD Elements

  • Longer element life, due to high water holding capacity
  • Water is absorbed by the filter element, and not released
  • Lube systems, hydraulic systems and fueling systems remain free of harmful water
  • High water holding capacity: KQD6018-5 holds 1¼ gallons of water (KQD6036-5 holds 2½ gallons)
  • Consistent water removal efficiency of 80% throughout the life of the element
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