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What Is Viscosity, And Why Does It Impact Industrial Filtration?

Here at Advanced Filtration, we deal with a variety of industries around the world, and we take care of many different kinds of filter systems--from power generation to biotechnology to pharmaceuticals, and everything in between. What all these disparate industries have in common, in our world, are certain factors in their filters, and one of these is "viscosity." But what is viscosity, and why is it so important to industrial filtration? In this article, we're going to answer those questions. Defining Viscosity When discussing viscosity, a poignant image to describe the concept begins with a styrofoam cup. Now–imagine you poke a hole into the bottom of the said styrofoam cup. Then visualize pouring honey into this hollowed-out cup. You’ll notice that the draining process is incredibly slow. After all, honey has a much larger viscosity than other liquids, such as water, which would drain at a lightning pace by comparison. On a broad level, viscosity measures a fluid’s flow resistance and a moving fluid’s internal friction. Fluids with higher viscosities stave off motion since internal friction is derived from their molecular makeup. Conversely, low-viscosity fluids flow seamlessly since there’s minimal friction in their molecular makeup when in motion. Gasses also…
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