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The History of Industrial Filtration

We here at Advanced Filtration like to think of ourselves as veterans of the field--but the field itself goes back... way, way back. In fact, industrial water filtration, surprisingly, is not a new concept. It actually goes back 7,000 years, to one of the most advanced ancient civilizations at the time. And while we salute the Ancient Egyptians for their ingenuity, 21st Century filtration methods are probably a bit more sanitary and secure. In this article, we're going to take a look at the history of industrial filtration, and see how it has advanced and improved over time, to get us to where we are today.   4,000 Years Ago The Ancient Egyptians loved papyrus, the reeds that grew along the banks of the Nile River. They wove them into baskets, and also water filters. They also made porous clay pots to filter water as the world’s first ceramic filters around 2,000 BCE. 2,700 Years Ago Ancient Hindu cultures in India describe using rocks, sand, and gravel to filter water. Surprisingly, these media also tend to work today as well. 2,500 Years Ago Greek physician Hippocrates (who invented the Hippocratic Oath) invented a sleeve that used cloth to filter out impurities…
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How Industrial Filters Reduce Air Pollution

Pollution has become a major problem, and we're all guilty of contributing to it. Did you know that 60% of the dust in your home is from outside and that it's not all OK to breathe in? It's also estimated that about 90% of CO2 emissions in big cities come from road vehicles. While there are several ways to reduce these pollutants, industrial air filters are one great place to start. Purification systems and air pollution control equipment have been developed to help significantly reduce the number of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere. Advanced Filtration is a well-known provider of industrial filters and custom-made filter products used in the construction industry. The team of engineers are experts in filter design and offer effective solutions for controlling air pollution problems. Why Pollution Is an Issue Sharecare estimates that the average American breathes 11,000 liters of air each day. The air you breathe today is equivalent to 2,000 gallons, about enough to fill 360 large milk jugs. As a result, air pollution poses serious health risks and threatens the quality of life for humans worldwide. Air pollution has become a major issue in urban areas worldwide. According to the World Health…
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Filtering Out Differing Types of Filters

No pun intended, but in this article, the industrial filter experts at Advanced Filtration are going to look at various types of filters and filtration systems and discuss some of the main differences, especially as they are applied to industrial, chemical, and business use, versus consumer use and auto use. Filtering Out The Filters Not all filters are created equal. While they all do the job of separating particles from liquids or gasses, different filters are designed for different purposes. For example, there’s a big difference between standard car filters and those used by high-octane motorsport vehicles, and it can make a huge difference when it comes to horsepower, speed, and other important factors in performance. So, how do they work? And what sets these filters apart from industrial filters? Keep reading to find out. How Do Automotive Filters Work? Filters are an uncelebrated feature in an automobile’s build. However, they perform a vital function to keep cars running smoothly. Automobiles require air to operate. Without it, the fuel wouldn’t ignite, and the engine wouldn’t run. That’s why all cars have air intake pipes to direct external air toward the engine. However, it’s easy for dirt and other debris to…
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Wet and Dry Filters In An Industrial Filtration System

Here at Advanced Filtration, we encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of products that are used in a variety of industrial filtration systems. And in our many years of selling industrial filters, we come across common questions again and again--so in this article, we'd like to discuss the the different between wet and dry filters in industrial filtration systems, and how they are used. Wet and dry filters are commonly used to remove contaminants from gases, liquids, or slurries in industrial filtration systems. In many cases, it can be difficult to determine which type of filter to use based on the desired results. If you’re looking to use a wet or dry filter in your industrial filtration system, here are some things you should know about the differences between the two types of filters. (And if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to Advanced Filtration for help!) Wet Filters A wet filter is a type of industrial filtration system that uses liquid instead of gas to remove unwanted particles from a flow. They're commonly used in chemical plants and other industries where liquid or gaseous wastes need to be filtered and treated. These filters…
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Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmentalism in Industrial Filtration

It’s no secret that sustainability and fighting climate change have become the major focus and mission of many individuals and businesses these days. As local governments around the world begin to steadily increase their environmental-protection mandates, and consumers of all stripes continue to demand more sustainable solutions, many businesses in a variety of industries are focusing on implementing sustainability efforts into their product innovation practices. Similarly, investors around the world are becoming more interested in sustainability-focused businesses (for example, the enormous global financial and wealth management firm UBS has an entire field dedicated to this practice, as evidenced by their investor goals). The chemical and industrial filtration industry is just as influenced by this trend, and we here Advanced Filtration take it very seriously. Things are changing for the better, though, especially when it comes to the connection between product innovation and social responsibility in the chemical and industrial filtration industry. From implementing biodegradable products to taking advantage of the waste produced, our industry has found that creating much more efficient and beneficial products is a necessity in today’s age in the wake of the climate crisis. How Product Innovation can Positively Affect Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Environmentalism These days,…
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