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The Power of A Reservoir Desiccant Breather

From extending equipment lifespan to enhancing oil quality, a reservoir desiccant breather, or desiccant filter breather, offers many benefits in a variety of industrial filtration application. They are integral in maintaining production levels and durability within critical systems—casting a ripple effect that stretches from improved operations to substantial savings in costs. But what exactly is a reservoir desiccant breather? And why is it essential for your system? In this article, the industrial filter experts at Advanced Filtration in New Jersey will answer these questions, and more. What Is A Reservoir Desiccant Breather? A reservoir desiccant breather, commonly known as a 'desiccant filter breather' or 'breather desiccant,' is indeed designed to safeguard enclosed systems, particularly reservoirs, from moisture and particulate contamination. These contaminants typically enter through air vents during the operational inhale-exhale process of the system. The purpose is to maintain the integrity of the fluid within the system by preventing the intrusion of external elements that could compromise its purity. This technology is frequently utilized in hydraulic systems, where the purity of the fluids is of utmost importance. The breather acts as a gatekeeper, allowing the desired airflow while effectively blocking unwanted particles and moisture from entering the reservoir. This…
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