Why Do You Need To Hire a Filter Specialist?

Power plant generation and industrial processes always need to keep their hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils pure. This decreases costs for these fluids, increases equipment quality functioning (thus, increases your output), decreases your functioning downtime, and extends the life of your engines and other equipment that depend on these fluids. What helps you do this? Filters.

The tough part is determining what type of filter you need, especially with the hundreds of models out there that are products of dozens of companies. Filter specialists, like Advanced Filtration, are experts in the field of filtration, especially geared towards power plant generation and industrial equipment. Limiting your options to familiar, renowned companies is the first step that helps you find the right model for your turbine engine, diesel engine, or jet fuel engine. For example, at Advanced Filtration, we work with reliable companies like Kaydon Filtration and IFC Islip Flow Controls Filtration that we have close relationships with. Not only are we familiar with the products, but we interact with them every day.

Once you get down to models, someone who can come into your work environment and analyze the setup is an essential component. You need someone who can get his or her hands dirty and work as a field service engineer. He/she won’t be able to install your filter right then and there, but will be able to assess your business operations in order to find your best fit. Some companies, like Kaydon Filtration, even make custom filters for your power generation company or industrial company that are specifically for your equipment. No matter what, we will find a filter for you.

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    John Woods founded Advanced Filtration in 1993 as a privately owned engineering representative for manufacturers of filtration, separation and heat transfer equipment. With more than 25 years in industrial filtration John offers a level of expertise to every sales consultation.