Understanding Reverse Osmosis Purification

We here at Advanced Filtration know that some of the processes we deal with on a day-to-day basis, as well as some of the products we sell, can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. If you’re ever confused about topics such as “reverse osmosis” or “reverse filter pulse cleaning,” then our blog is the right place for you.

This article will explain the basics of the reverse osmosis purification process and is intended to educate in a simplified way to an audience that has little or no experience with the process. Read on to find out about reverse osmosis, how it is applied in industry, and some of our partners and product lines that carry systems, parts, and replacement parts for the maintenance and protection of your reverse osmosis purification system.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove debris, ions, and chemicals from a water supply. In reverse osmosis, pressure is applied in order to overcome natural osmotic pressure and squeeze a solution through a membrane that is either nonporous or uses nanofiltration, where pores in the membrane are 0.001 micrometers in size.

The result of this pressurized filtering is that a solution diffuses into its different solutes (impurities), which are held in the pressurized side of the filtering system, and the solvent (pure substance, usually water) is allowed to pass through the membrane.

As the name suggests, reverse osmosis is the opposite process of normal osmosis, in which a solvent will move through a membrane from an area with a low contamination of solutes to an area with a higher contamination of solutes in order to achieve balance.

How is Reverse Osmosis Purification Applied?

Reverse osmosis is mostly applied around the world in the process of water desalination. Water is taken from seas and oceans to provide potable drinking water in places with arid or desert climates. Households across the world also use reverse osmosis water purification systems in order to have reliable and clean drinking water. Portable systems also exist for survival or military use.

There is an industrial need on a large scale for reverse osmosis water purification. Rainwater and wastewater can be purified for agriculture or industrial cooling in order to circumvent and prevent water shortages in places that experience water scarcity. Additionally, water that has been used in boilers at power plants can be purified of minerals in order to be reused or repurposed. The process of reverse osmosis is extremely effective and will remove pathogens, bacteria, minerals, ions, chemicals, sediment and debris from a water supply. Reverse osmosis can remove up to 99% of these water contaminants.

Taking Care of Your Equipment with Maintenance

Proper maintenance will ensure that your reverse osmosis water purification system can last for many years. It is costly to own and operate a reverse osmosis system because of the amount of energy that is consumed and the disposal of the waste stream that is created. Cut down on your costs by ensuring that you are using top of the line replacement parts and filters through our partners, like Mar Cor, who have created an EDI System that doesn’t produce a wastewater stream.

Here are three ways you can maintain and increase the lifespan of your reverse osmosis system:

  • Change filters: As a general rule, pre-filters should be replaced every 6-12 months. Post-filters should be replaced every 12 months. The reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every 24 months. Filters will become foul and full of gunk, bacteria, and detritus over time. Replacing them will ensure your system runs clean and the water being produced is high quality.
  • Sanitize your system: It is a good idea to sanitize your system each time you replace the filters. Along with keeping the filter clean, the entire system itself being sanitized will ensure the water being filtered is high purity.
  • Replace parts: Various parts of your reverse osmosis water purification system will wear out over time. You will need to replace parts at the first signs of wear and tear in order to keep your system running smoothly and effectively. If parts become worn, they can lead to impurities being reintroduced into your filtered, clean water after it has been produced. Such parts will include pieces like the faucet or storage tank.

Look To Advanced Filtration For All of Your Industrial Filtration Needs

Advanced Filtration sells the full line of products by companies such as Amiad Water Systems to provide you with options such as pre-filtering to protect your costly and valuable reverse osmosis systems. We also work with companies like Mar Cor Commercial and Suez Water Technologies and Solutions to provide you with the best replacement parts and reverse osmosis water systems.

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